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Turcrucial Trot. JBLM MWR/Flickr

Chances are, you"ll be eating a lot of food on Thanksgiving. Participating in a fiveor 10K race is a good way to start off the holiday seakid.

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A home decked out in Christmas decorations. Dov Harrington/Flickr

Why not begin the Christmas celebrations a bit early by placing up decorations?Whether you put up a few Christmas lights or decorate your entire residence, it"s constantly fun to get in the holiday soul.


There's nopoint much better than cozying up on the couch and also watching a movie.

There are usually plenty of movie marathons on TV around Thanksgiving. Luckily, youhave actually the perfect excuse to relax on the couch and also obtain in the holiday spirit via standards prefer "It"s a Wonderful Life"and also "Love Actually."


Give earlier this Thanksoffering. Flickr / Ben Faulding

Thanksproviding is all about appreciating what you have actually. Instead of entering the hectic shopping scene, attempt volunteering in your community for an extra rewarding endure.

Enjoy the outdoors. Yellowstone National Park/Flickr

If you"re spending time via family members in the time of the holidays, it"s a nice break to acquire out of the houseand also enjoy the outdoors.

Footround is a Thanksoffering heritage. NBC

Even ifyou do not like football, you"ll still most likely be forced to watch a game over Thanksproviding.

Thanksproviding is a food-centric holiday.

Figuring out as soon as to start cooking each dish for Thanksgiving dinner have the right to be stressful, but if you make a arrangement ahead of time, the procedure is much more enjoyable.

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Fill up your plate. moonlightbulb via flickr Creative Commons

What is Thanksoffering without eating a lot of food? Instead of hitting up the shops, hit up the leftovers. Your stomach (and also wallet) will give thanks to you later on.