Our take a trip treatment adendeavors brought about us spending 3 months in Prineville, Oregon.

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Prineville is a little tvery own exterior of Bfinish. You’ve probably heard of Bfinish. Prineville is a 40 minute drive away.

Bend is a hippy town. Prineville is not. Prineville is Bend’s conservative uncle. While Bend has exploded via growth and also change, Prineville seems prefer it hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years – and also the locals choose it that way. Fair sufficient.

Yes, Prineville deserve to be stormy around the edges. But we still had a good time trying out Prineville and also everything it had to market.

Here are the peak should view sights, experiences, and also things to perform in and approximately Prineville, Oregon.

1) Drive to the Painted Hills

Many type of human being sheight in Prineville on their method to the Painted Hills. We visited the Painted Hills while living in Prineville, and also they’re absolutely worth a visit if you’re in the location. The Painted Hills are one of the seven wonders of Oregon (yes, that’s a thing).


2) Drink

For a tvery own through fewer than 10,000 civilization, Prineville has actually a surprising number of good places to grab a drink.

I’ve been to various other tiny towns in America – favor Edenton, North Carolina – where it was challenging to discover a great bar. Tbelow were 10 churches and also like 2 bars.

Fortunately, Prineville is a terrific area to grab a drink. Some of my recommended places around tvery own include:

The Horseshoe Tavern: You’re guaranteed to satisfy some personalities. It’s every little thing a nation bar should be. People were always friendly to us. The fries were excellent. Drinks are solid and also cheap. Great live music on an outdoor patio. After living close to The Horseshoe Tavern for all 3 months we resided in Prineville, we came to be exceptionally acquainted through it.

Sons of Beer: Owned by the very same human being as The Horseshoe Tavern, Sons of Beer has plenty of great craft beer on tap along with decent pub food. Don’t miss their Wednesday deal. You obtain pints of remarkable craft beer for $3.75 and a burger basket with fries for $6. You won’t find a better deal in tvery own.

Club Pioneer: Club Pioneer is a restaurant established all the method earlier in 1942. It’s a genuine Prineville legacy. We constantly had good meals at Club Pioneer, and it’s most likely the fanciest restaurant in town for a day. If you desire a nice cocktail in Prineville, Club Pioneer is a great alternative. There’s additionally a sepaprice bar area if you want even more of a saloon suffer (enter with the left door rather of the right).

Dillon’s Grill: Owned by the same civilization as Club Pioneer (are you sensing a pattern via Prineville?), Dillon’s Grill is tucked ameans dvery own a weird street yet supplies great food and drinks, including a complete bar and a lineup of craft beer. Like Club Pioneer, tbelow are separate sections for the bar and also the family members restaurant.

Barney Prine’s Steakhome & Saloon: Located just off Prineville’s main road, Barney Prine’s is an okay steakresidence and also bar with one of the nicer patios in Prineville. If you want happy hour drinks through steakhouse-style appetizers, then Barney Prine’s is a good alternative.

3) Drive Through the Ochoco Reservoir

If you drive southern of Prineville for about 10 minutes, you’ll reach the Ochoco Reservoir. The winding road takes you previous hydroelectrical dams, impressive cliffs, and also various other picturesque sights. It’s a good Sunday drive.


4) Visit Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park is more than likely the many popular outdoor area in the Prineville/Redmond area. Fortunately, it lives up to that reputation. Yes, the parking lots obtain crowded on weekends, yet Smith Rock State Park is a spectacular area to walk approximately.


5) Visit a Brewery

Prineville has 2 breweries, both of which serve surprisingly excellent beer and food. I would certainly recommend the food and beer at both of Prineville’s breweries:

Ochoco Brewing CompanyCrooked River Brewing

Both are proper brewpubs, although they occupational in slightly different methods.


Ochoco Brewing Company has a complete lineup of its very own beers. Founded in 2009 by a neighborhood couple, Ochoco Brewing Company makes great beers, and they offer growlers for just $9 to $13. I lived over this brewery (literally) for 3 months – and also it was dangerous being that cshed to affordable craft beer. Their Taco Tuesday is also surprisingly tasty, with cod, steak, and also fish tacos easily accessible for $2 apiece.

Crooked River Brewing Company kind of additionally has actually a full-service restaurant on website, although they work slightly in different ways than Ochoco. Crooked River Brewing has actually a few of its own taps on the food selection, although a lot of beers are from other Oregon breweries. They make terrific pizza, and also I love the burger food truck external.

Honestly, if you’re spending an hour in Prineville driving through, go to Ochoco Brewing Company kind of or Crooked River Brewing. Both are terrific breweries with excellent food – I would certainly also speak to them 2 of the finest restaurants in tvery own.

UPDATE: Ochoco Brewing made a decision to cshed its doors in 2020. Unfortunately Prineville is down to having simply one brewery.

6) Hike Brown Butte to the Cross

You have the right to carry out even more in Prineville than drink. If you look at Prineville on a map, you might assume the entire town is level. However before, Prineville has actually more hills than most human being realize, and those hills have actually hiking trails, hill walks, and also ideologies.


Brvery own Butte is one such trail. Located above tvery own, Brown Butte is a straightforward 2-mile hike suitable for all eras. You get a good viewallude above town. Walk to the cross for one of the best views in Prineville.

7) Visit Tastee Treet

Another Prineville heritage, locals really seemed to love Tastee Treet. It has actually a drive through.

8) Drive to Ochoco State Park for a View Above Town

Prineville is in a valley surrounded by cliffs. You deserve to drive up to the top of among those cliffs to gain a great see over town.


Grab a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers, then come up right here for sunset. Prineville isn’t the prettiest place in the USA, however it looks really great from up right here as the sunlight sinks listed below the horizon and also the lights come on listed below you.

9) Visit the History Museum

Prineville has actually an excellent background museum in the heart of downtvery own. Prineville was destined to be a huge city favor Bfinish, but the railroad passed it by. The locals battled ago by structure their very own crowdfunded railmeans, enabling the tvery own to remajor a logging center for years.


Les Schwab (yes, the tire guy) likewise played a huge duty in Prineville background. He released Les Schwab from Prineville, and it flourished to end up being among the biggest tire service providers in the western USA.

The history museum dives more into every one of this background and much even more. We invested about an hour tright here.

10) Close Dvery own the Horseshoe Tavern

I’m from a little tvery own, and the Horseshoe Tavern is every little thing a small tvery own bar must be.


Like Prineville, the Horseshoe Tavern is a little turbulent approximately the edges – but it’s somepoint you have to endure to get a great feel for the locals. As a random dipshit Canadian, I had actually an excellent time eexceptionally night we spent at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Tip: Stick to mixed drinks and also beer. My partner made the mistake of trying to order white wine. It was…not great. Or white.

Wright here to Stay in Prineville

Prineville has prefer 6 hotels, yet just 3 of them are on the usual hotel websites. We stayed in Prineville’s Counattempt Inn & ­Suites prior to finding a place to rent, which is technically the finest hotel in tvery own (not a large deal).

Hotel choices in Prineville include:

Country Inn & Suites: Probably the nicest hotel in town.

Best Western Prineville Inn: Probably the second nicest hotel in Prineville.

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Econo Lodge: Very affordable and very standard in the heart of downtown Prineville.

You can be shocked at hotel prices in Prineville. For a random, tiny tvery own in the middle of nowright here, Prineville hotels are surprisingly expensive. From May to October, mean to pay $110 to $150 for a decent hotel in Prineville.


Final Word: Prineville is Worth Visiting

Prineville, Oregon gone beyond my expectations.

The tvery own has nice parks and walking trails. People are friendly. There are enough restaurants, breweries, and pubs in town to store you entertained.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Prineville. But if you desire a slice of small town, rural, conservative Amerideserve to life, then Prineville is 25 minutes off the highway from Bend and Redmond.