7  (Sport) to hit (a ball) very difficult and directly, as (in cricket) via the bat swinging even more or much less vertically 

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11 intr to rush or dash violently, esp. against an obstacle or solid object the waves drove versus the rock  
22  (Brit) a huge gathering of persons to play cards, and so on.  See  → beetle drive  → whist drive 
24  (Psychol) a motive or interest, such as sex, hunger, or ambition, that actuates an organism to attain a goal 
29  (Electronics) the signal used to the input of an amplifier   (Old English drifan; pertained to Old Frisian driva, Old Norse drifa, Gothic dreiban, Old High Germale triban) ♦ drivable, driveable  adj ♦ drivcapacity, driveability  
got drive 
  n  (Psychol) a drive, favor the desire for money, that has actually not been inherited however is learned, presumably because it leads to the satisfaction of innate drives 
beetle drive 
  n a social occasion at which a steady series of games of beetle is played  See  → beetle  → 2 
chain drive   n  (Engineering) a chain of links passing over sprockets that transmits rotation from one shaft to another 
disk drive 
  n  (Computing) the controller and device for reading and also composing information on computer system disks  See also  → disk  → 2 
drive-by shooting   n an incident in which a person, structure, or vehicle is swarm at by someone in a moving vehicle, (Sometimes shortened to) drive-by 
b modifier a public facility or service designed for usage in such a manner a drive-in restaurant, a drive-in bank  
a a takeameans restaurant, financial institution, and so on designed so that customers deserve to usage it without leaving their cars 
fluid drive 
  n a form of coupling for transmitting power from the engine of a motor vehicle to the transmission, making use of a torque converter, (Also called) liquid coupling, fluid clutch, fluid flywheel 
four-wheel drive   n a system used in motor vehicles in which all 4 wheels are linked to the source of power 
motor drive 
  n  (Photog) a battery-operated motorized system to give fast film advancement in between exposures  Compare  → autowinder 
test-drive   vb tr , -drives, -driving, -drove, -driven to drive (a auto or various other motor vehicle) for a minimal period in order to assess its capabilities and also limitations 
whist drive 
  n a social gathering wbelow whist is played; the winners of each hand relocate to various tables to play the losers of the previous hand 

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