About Love Like Crazy

"Love Like Crazy" is a song written by Tim James and Doug Johnchild, and taped by Amerihave the right to country music artist Lee Brice. It was released in August 2009 as the fourth single of his career, and the first single and also title track from his album Love Like Crazy. In September 2010, the song broke a record established by Eddy Arnold for the longest chart run in the history of the Hot Counattempt Songs charts.

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They referred to as them crazy as soon as they began outSassist seventeen"s too young to know what loves aboutThey"ve been together fifty-eight years nowThat"s crazyHe brought residence sixty-salso bucks a weekHe bought a little two bedroom residence on Maple StreetWbelow she blessed him via six even more mouths to feedYea that"s crazyJust ask him exactly how he did it, he"ll say pull up a seatIt"ll only take a minute, to tell you everythingBe a ideal frifinish, tell the reality, and overuse I love youGo to work-related, carry out your best, do not outsmart your prevalent senseNever let your prayin" knees obtain lazyAnd love favor crazyThey dubbed him crazy once he quit his jobSassist them residence computers, boy they"ll never before take offHe sold his one man shop to MicrosoftAnd they passist choose crazyJust ask him exactly how he made itHe"ll tell you faith and sweatAnd the heart of a faithful woman,Who never let him forgetBe a ideal frifinish, tell the reality, and overusage I love youGo to work, do your finest, do not outsmart your widespread senseNever let your prayin" knees gain lazyAnd love choose crazyAlways treat your womale prefer a ladyNever acquire to old to call her babyNever before let your prayin" knees gain lazyAnd love favor crazyThey referred to as him crazy as soon as they began outThey"ve been together fifty-eight years nowAin"t that crazy?

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Lee Brice Lee Brice (born June 10, 1979) is an Amerihave the right to nation music singer signed to Curb Records. His highest-charting single is "A Woguy Like You", which got to No. 1 in April 2012. He also had Billboard"s Top Counattempt Tune of 2010 via "Love Like Crazy", the title track to his 2010 debut album; the song invested 56 weeks on the Hot Counattempt Songs chart, peaking at No. 3 and also establishing a record for the longest run in the chart"s background. His second album, Hard 2 Love, has created No.

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1 singles in "A Woguy Like You" and also "Hard to Love". more »