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The Rape Train is a term provided virtual the majority of commonly simply before a perkid is about to gain owned or when rape is unavoidable. It can regularly be discovered earlier in photo macros of either trains or civilization with lustful expressions, frequently combined with discussing that the rape train has actually no brakes. (See also: Prepare Your Anus & You Gonna Get Raped)



Usage in Online Gaming

In digital gaming, the Rape Train is a term the majority of commonly offered once a player overruns their adversary, permitting no opportunity for them to strike back.

The term has additionally been associated via a tactic for the Call of Duty Zombies game mode.<1> By doing a rape train, the player allows large amounts of zombies to follow him. Due to the fact that all the zombies stack up in adhering to the player, firing in the team enables for a quick climb of points and also give the player a high opportunity of survival if done appropriately. Combining the term via the tactic was first presented by Youtuber TheSyndicateProject.<2>

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<1> Call of Duty Wikia – Zombies Game Mode

<2> Youtube – TheSyndicateProject"s Channel

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