Seachild 11 of The Walking Dead has actually been just one of the show’s most tense instalments yet as it has seen its characters get torn apart and also separated while presenting numerous fearsome brand-new foes to complete via.

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Episode 8 arrived at October 3rd for fans watching beforehand AMC+ and followed on October 10th for everyone else.

But currently that episode 8 has actually aired, fans of The Walking Dead have been left asking as soon as they deserve to intend seaboy 11 to continue through episode 9.

The Walking Dead seachild 11 episode 8 recap

Episode 8 of The Walking Dead seaboy 11 aired on October 3rd for fans utilizing AMC+ while the episode followed on October 10th on the typical AMC channel and also October 11th for those watching on Disney+.

The episode sees Maggie put her new walker herd to the test as the Reapers are required to safeguard their Meridian camp.

Pope suspects that Maggie is behind the strike, leading tensions to rise in between him and Daryl as soon as again, who need to tcheck out very closely to avoid suspicion.

At the same time, a vicious storm could spell danger for Alexandria as the treacherous weather leaves them open up to a walker strike.


When is episode 9 released?

Episode 9 of The Walking Dead seaboy 11 will arrive in beforehand 2022, specifically February 20th in the US (2first in the UK).

Fans that want to watch the episode early on AMC+ will certainly have the ability to perform so on February 13th.

When The Walking Dead was renewed for seakid 11, it was confirmed that the final instalment would air in three components.

The initially of which began in August 2021 while the 2 staying parts will certainly air in 2022.

With part 2 (consisting of episode 9) releasing in February, it’s likely that the last batch of episodes will most most likely hit screens in October to complement the release dates of previous seasons.


How many episodes in total?

Seaboy 11 of The Walking Dead will certainly feature 24 episodes spreview over three parts, consisting of eight episodes each.

The initially of those 3 parts started airing on August 22nd while the staying 2 sections will certainly arrive in 2022.

In the run-as much as the season’s premiere, AMC teased a variety of details consisting of the titles of episodes 1-8.

Episode 1 | Acheron: Part I – August 22ndEpisode 2 | Acheron: Part II – August 29thEpisode 3 | Hunted – September 5thEpisode 4 | Rendition – September 12th Episode 5 | Out of the Ashes – September 1nine Episode 6 | On the Inside – September 26thEpisode 7 | Promises Broken – October 3rdEpisode 8 | For Blood – October 10th

If things weren’t already hard for The Walking Dead’s personalities, component 2 of seachild 11 is collection to ramp up the stakes also better many thanks to an impending reaping machine attack, a never-ending wave of troubles affecting Alexandria and also life in the Republic isn’t as tranquil as initially assumed.

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The Walking Dead seaboy 11 returns to AMC for episode 9 on February 20th, 2022.

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