The Walking Dead: 25 Rick Vs Negan Memes That Show Who The Real Leader Is Rick and also Negan are exceptionally various leaders, because they"re exceptionally different people. The Walking Dead fandom is split on which character is better.

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The Walking Dead seaboy 8 has actually concerned an finish, whether it was good or bad. Rick Grimes and also Negan faced off as soon as aget, this time finishing via Rick beating Negan. But it can be shelp that Eugene was responsible for bringing an finish to the battle by making bullets for the Saviors that backfired, literally. Rick took Negan dvery own via some trickery in a fight you could say he was actually losing. So, that is the genuine boss man in The Walking Dead? 

Rick is the real leader, and also not simply because his group finished up winning in the finish. One exceptionally essential suggest in every one of this is that Negan does not really carry out anypoint for the Saviors. If they get captured he does not rescue them, if compelled to pick in between himself and also, let’s say, Dwight or Simon, Negan will obviously select himself. Rick, on the various other hand, will execute anypoint to save members of his group safe, or at least make an effort to rescue them.

From Negan being all over and also everyone to Rick biting some world, right here is The Walking Dead: 25 Memes That Show Who The Real Leader Is.

One of the greatest distinctions in between Negan and Rick is the truth that Negan is desensitized to the civilization approximately him, whereas Rick have the right to feel empathy. This leads Rick dvery own the right course in finding allies. He gets the Hillheight and also the Kingdom on his side, which gains him accessibility to King Ezekiel and his feline companion, Shiva.

This meme is clearly pointing at the fact that somehow Shiva had to learn who not to eat. Otherwise, the pretend king of the Kingdom would just be establishing a wild tiger loose on the battlefield, which might be exceptionally interesting to check out, too.

Rick"s ability to obtain willing allies is what provides him a better leader than Negan. He treats his people favor they are human being, structure loyalty opposed to are afraid. Because Negan rules the Saviors via an iron fist, his followers are afraid him or hate him, choose in the Dwight instance. It is among the reasons that Dwight betrays him in favor of Rick.

In the end, among the human being the majority of crucial to Negan, Eugene, betrays him in favor of Rosita in an effort to carry out something noble via his life. That winds up benefiting Rick because he has actually Rosita"s loyalty.

24 Who Are You?

We can all probably agree that Eugene caved means too quickly to say, "I am Negan." In his position, it renders sense that he would ultimately cave, especially given that he is notably the coward amongst Rick and the gang. Daryl withstood the endless playing of "Easy Street" and also Dwight"s other means of assorted torment per Negan"s instruction. Daryl never before caved.

We all knew Eugene would certainly caved, eventually however he could have actually lasted via more than simply one danger. As it transforms out, this meme would certainly be true, but just for a while. In the end, Eugene wound up making an effort to be among the "good guys."

Negan"s lack of successful brainwashing was an additional factor he met his fate under that tree.

Negan might probably be the most tyrannical leader presented to both the show and the comics. Those who end up opposing Negan end up getting the iron or ssuggest bconsumed and then strangled by the man himself. A excellent leader would not be doing that to their human being, specifically not in the middle of an "All Out War."

When Daryl opposed Rick, Rick did not beat him or really even put up a fight. He just made sure Daryl didn"t acquire to go on via his very own arrangement. All in all, the scuffle between the 2 was actually pretty civilized. For world living in a post-apocalyptic human being, they taken on it well.

Don’t let anyone tell you Rick’s hatchet is a pointmuch less weapon, bereason that simply isn’t true. While Officer Friendly’s python is an iconic staple of the present, Rick Grimes’ hatchet is far more effective than his gun. 

Rick honestly doesn’t favor to use firearms much. They’re loud, they run out of ammo, they deserve to backfire on you in the middle of your shootout. None of this is ever a risk through a hatchet and besides, Rick has actually shown he’s even more than capable of wielding his blade. Likewise, Carol Peletier is a pressure to be reckoned via as far as her brass knuckle knife is concerned.

Negan may have actually had all the firearms, but he had actually really had actually no principle what he was gaining into.

As this meme points out, Rick had actually a lot of disposable personalities in his army. Did we really mean to see Tobin live to check out the end of the All Out War arc? If we’re being totally hoswarm, Shiva’s sacrifice was more heart wrenching than watching Carol put dvery own her sort-of ex also though comic book fans experienced it coming the minute King Ezekiel’s loyal kitty ever appeared ondisplay.

This present frequently introduces characters that never before really come to be necessary just to end them all in supposedly epic battles.

22 Baby Judith Goes Nuts

Negan is gross. He’s a abuser, a misogynist, an all-about criminal - and covertly wishes he was a doting father? Weirdly sufficient, despite his violent habits, Negan appeared to have actually a actual interest in children - specifically Rick Grimes’ youngsters. He was legitimately upcollection over the passing of Carl and also actually mutual a weird bond through the boy. He was likewise fairly taken with little Judith, bouncing her on his knee while he waited for Rick to return house to Alexandria.

Considering Negan loved to remind everyone that their belongings were actually his, he quickly could have declared ownership over Judith, and also there wouldn’t have been much anyone can have done to sheight him.

This meme imagines what would certainly have occurred had Negan actually taken off via the young Grimes baby. Judith would obviously have actually grown up through some anger concerns, being elevated by one villain and having been born by an additional - Rick admitted he knew Judith was Shane’s all along.

Of course, the love of baseball bats would run via the Savior family members tree. It’s hard to say wbelow Judith would have obtained her hands on pink and blue hair dye in the zombie apocalypse, though.

If only it had been as simple as refmaking use of to unlock a gate. We all recognize that Rick eventually caved and let Negan inside the walls of Alexandria. The Sheriff was basically compelled right into this subservient place thanks to Negan’s penchant for violence and sizable army.

This decision lost Rick and also his civilization their food, their weapons, their mattresses, and one super cool pool table. Oh, and also Eugene. Rick felt as though he didn’t have actually a selection and also ended up “welcoming” the Big Bad right into his very own residence.

Weirdly sufficient, once Sheriff Rick Grimes let Negan inside his swanky neighborhood, the Slugger showed to have an extremely similar reaction to the comforts of the tvery own. When Rick initially arrived in Alexandria, he settled in by washing off the dust and also shaving actually off his epic beard. Negan’s first visit was all bravaexecute, stealing supplies and also reflecting his dominance.

The second time the Big Bad reflects up in the area he shaves off his very own facial hair in Rick’s own home. He also whipped up some pasta and drank lemonade on the porch, clearly still exerting his dominance by making himself at residence in his enemy’s very own residence.

20 I Am My Enemy, My Enemy Is Me

Rick Grimes is supposed to be the hero. He will certainly speak at nopoint to keep his world safe, even if it implies taking on some of his enemies’ qualities - which he does, a lot.

After Shane ended Randall to proccasion him from being able to lug his group earlier to Hershel’s farm, Rick eliminates the detainees without a 2nd assumed. After the Governor shows up all set and willing to wrestle regulate of the prikid out of Rick’s hands, Rick later on takes it upon himself to execute the very exact same thing when he disagrees via just how Deanna Monroe is running things in Alexandria.

Quite frankly, Rick showed some Neganesque features during the All Out War arc, as soon as he showed little bit problem over whether or not the people of Alexandria shed their stays.

Not to point out his seizing of Oceanside’s weapons was basically the specific exact same point Negan had actually currently done to him and also his team.

Ironically enough, the feud between Rick and also Shane boiled down to Rick’s rejection of Shane’s brutality. Officer Friendly has only grvery own more and also even more brutal as the display has gone on. The biggest distinction in between Rick’s fight with Negan as opposed to his rivalry with Shane is that the Sheriff chose to learn what not to execute from the leader of the Saviors.

When the Saviors were ultimately able to pin Rick and the remainder of his team down via no escape the case was very dire for them. In the moments to come, Rick would certainly realize that Negan would certainly not be taken dvery own easily, if at all.

Rick is the kind that is typically in regulate of his emotions, but the totality point of the encounter was to break Rick.

For a while, that was the case, however over time Rick was able to put himself earlier together and also come back more powerful than before. While Negan"s arrogance would certainly ultimately be his downautumn, in this certain instance it did work.

Negan is plainly overconfident however forced in his plan to break Rick down and also make him feel helpmuch less. His entire arrangement was one substantial mind game. He made certain to block eexceptionally path to the Hilloptimal to show Rick that "Negan" might be almost everywhere at as soon as. He kbrand-new that they would leave the RV to try and also sneak the remainder of the method, so he offered his numbers to corral the whole group to best to wbelow he wanted them, and tright here he would certainly take ameans Rick"s ability to fight ago. Leaving the main protagonist of the display helpmuch less, Negan gained exactly what he wanted.

18 Reek

Theon Greyjoy was sort of cocky and arrogant prior to Ramsay Bolton came along. Frequently called as among the the majority of brutal and also evil villains in all of Game Of Thrones, Bolton completely and utterly broke Theon, both physically and also mentally. Bolton then provided Greyjoy a humiliating name to even more torment his captive: Reek. Fans prefer to say that Theon will certainly never before be the exact same after his time as Reek; that torment will constantly live somewhere inside him. But is Negan really as reliable a villain?

This meme indicates the often humiliating nature of Negan’s abuse. Not just does he terrify his victims with carnage and mayhem, yet he’ll mock them for being scared while he does it. It’s true that Negan’s brutality appeared to throw Rick for a loop at initially. And having actually Negan pressure a “give thanks to you” out of Rick after he just decimated Alexandria’s resources absolutely couldn’t have felt good.

Of course, this meme came about prior to the end of All Out War and also Rick didn’t stay a victim forever before. We now recognize that Rick does indeed relocate past Negan’s mind games to win the fight versus his nemesis and usher in a brand-new era in their post-zombie apocalypse culture.

This meme is a perfect example of what it is Negan does. He simply takes whatever before it is he desires, and what he desires is fifty percent of whatever before the Hillheight and also Alexandria have. He also has a resolve the Kingdom for their provides, although not as oppressive as the others. When King Ezekiel says the terms of their arrangement, it is revealed that the Saviors cannot action foot into the Kingdom. While it may have actually been the best deal these 2 leaders can accomplish at the time, a peace treaty would have played more to Negan"s interests.

It is later on supplied versus him as soon as Rick supplies the Kingdom to harbor Daryl, among the teams ideal and most proficient combatants. He additionally made a substantial mistake in not making it a priority to retrieve Daryl. He told Rick in their initially enrespond to that it is vital to have actually a right-hand also man, and in his situation he had actually Simon. He would later on go on to sleep Simon with the fishes. The only leader through a right-hand guy was Rick, although he and also Daryl haven"t been on the finest of terms with one another. At the end of the war, Daryl appears to be more on Maggie"s side than his "brother" Rick.

16 It"s Negan! No, it"s Not.

While Negan might be one of the many popular villains on television, he is without a doubt deranged. He has actually a lot of brute pressure and also numbers amongst his ranks, however he additionally does not have a entirety lot of originality. Across the majority of of the storyinforming media, brainwashing has actually been a maincontinue to be in villainy. Many type of have actually betrayed Negan, including Rick, Dwight, Simon, Eugene, Gregory, amongst miscellaneous others - proving that whether they say “I am Negan” or not, they aren’t and also they aren’t on his side either.

From the begin the show has actually made a very strong allude in that if human being are willing to adapt, they survive. If they don’t adapt, they don’t survive. Take Hershel and also Dale, for example.

Negan never before provides an effort to change his means of doing points. His idea of breaking his victims mentally provided him a start however he never before adjusted his approaches of leadership. Wbelow Rick has actually repeatedly adapted to his duty, going as far as coming to be like a dictator, and also then the incredibly following seaboy not being a leader at all until the Governor ruins all he had developed. When he lastly does step earlier into the function as leader, he listens to his civilization and also what they desire to execute. Even though he may not always agree or do what they say, he lis10s.

We have actually currently talked a small little around exactly how Negan claims fifty percent of whatever the Alexandrians and the Hilltop have actually. The best capture is that Negan determines what half is, which is one more informing authorize of his arrogance.

He aboffers this as soon as he pays his first visit to Alexandria and also decides to take every one of their beds and all of their weapons. By the time he is done via his walk of Alexandria, they have actually only their houses, some hand to hand also tools, and food.

However, his escapades in Alexandria also bring Rick ago from his detached state. He had actually Rick so close to defeat and also let his arrogance obtain the ideal of him. Rick was prepared to give up and also comply via Negan’s wishes, but Negan being himself simply has to keep poking and tormenting Rick, which eventually leads to his determination to carry an finish to Negan.

It’s strikingly similar to what he does to Dwight, flaunting Dwight’s love in front of him and maintaining them acomponent. Dwight ultimately snaps and also decides to help Rick bring him dvery own.

14 The Planet Still Has A Sun

Carl’s passing was shocking to Rick, and Negan too. Negan had somewhat of a kinship with Rock"s son. He definitely chosen Carl’s attitude and also was willing to express interest in Carl, yet of course, he had actually to usage this as leverage against Rick.

Negan had actually tried to use Carl’s passing against Rick, calling him a faiattract and also informing him that he can not protect anyone in his team, however in the finish, it would be Rick that would certainly leverage his son’s passing and also obtain the upper-hand. While it may have actually just been a dirty trick to obtain Negan to drop his guard, Rick does honor Carl’s wishes in the finish. It"s a kind of tranquility and also war at the same time.

Unfortunately, Chandler Riggs and also his father were surprised by Carl being written out of the display, too. Riggs’ father would go on to let AMC and Scott Gimple have actually it. The conflict reported;y started when Chandler Riggs was making decisions about his education, and where to acquire it. Scott Gimple had actually proclaimed that he thought Riggs was an amazing actor that might accomplish both, and also by all means, that was Riggs’ intention - just to later uncover out that he had actually been written out of the present, even though he determined a college in Georgia.

Carl may not have been able to remain in the house yet he deserved a far better exit than being bitten by a walker.

If you had actually to choose between having the Python or Lucille in the zombie apocalypse, which would you choose? Some could pick the Python as it is an extremely powerful weapon, and also would certainly quickly incapacitate a zombie gave you are able to hit it. But there are a lot of downsides to the weapon too. It is loud, and it deserve to just lug six bulallows at a time. On peak of its low capacity, each bullet gets loaded individually, unchoose a lot of handguns that would certainly have actually a magazine. That is more than likely why Rick started favoring the hatchet he loves so a lot, or the machete via a red take care of.

Others would certainly pick Lucille.

What might be cooler than a bat via barbed wire wrapped around the reminder of it? It’s a timeless zombie terminating weapon.

Believe it or not, that barbed wire does not help when avoiding the living dead in The Walking Dead. The whole allude of having actually a skull is to defend the brain, which is what the bat would certainly break, not the barbed wire. That plays a different function. It offers cuts, scrapes, and also punctures that would certainly be very difficult to treat in such a case, and also Negan offers that to his benefit as soon as he has the Saviors coat their tools with zombified blood.

12 No, You!

Rick is by much the better leader, however that does not suppose he is better than Negan at everything, or also a lot of things. Rick has actually lost to Negan, in a number of various means.

Negan has actually taken victory in battles in between the teams, beaten Rick in hand also to hand also combat, but also even more importantly, he takes the lead in verbal attacks.

Negan may not have the best brainwashing techniques but he has actually a really quick wit and also has actually an uncanny capability to hit Rick wbelow it harms, just once it will hurt the the majority of. When Carl passed amethod and Rick supplied his radio to tell Negan that Carl was no more, Negan did not hesitate to fire shots at Rick.

Once aget, Rick demonstprices his capability to adapt to any type of case by making use of Carl’s wishes to obtain cshed sufficient to Negan take him dvery own. Whether or not Rick understands why Negan has actually a fascicountry via his child and also fifty percent baby daughter is yet to be checked out, however he interpreted enough to know that he could use his own son against the leader of the Saviors, while still respecting Carl. He does not hurt Negan poor sufficient to finish his life, but he does make certain that Negan will certainly lead a life of misery for his crimes against the Grimes.

This meme appears to show that fans were worried over Rick Grimes’ fate throughout the All Out War arc. But we all kbrand-new Rick was ultimately going to reign victorious over his nemesis of the week. Still, the showrunners had to make it appear that Rick felt as though he had no choice but to go in addition to Negan’s tyranny, and this photo of a crying Rick absolutely gets that suggest across. Losing multiple group members and also nearly cutting off your son’s hand also will certainly carry out that to you. Unfortunately for Rick, his tears of problem over his fellow survivors only seemed to hurt his management cred.

From the second Negan put an finish to Glenn Rhee, Rick’s group basically shed all regulate over their very own actions.

Rick was still trying to put some sort of arrangement into activity. He attempted to discover a method to fight back, however kbrand-new that he and also his group had actually to current a subservient front to the Saviors. Regardless of his finest initiatives to gain manage of the Alexandrians, they all simply did their own thing anymethod. Rosita fails to take out Negan, Michonne stops working to acquire information from a Savior, and also Spencer was just sort of stupid. Maybe this meme should have shown an a frustrated and also angry Rick rather.

10 Best Friends Forever

Rick Grimes and also Daryl Dixon have pledged themselves as brothers. The actors that play the two leads, Anattracted Lincoln and also Norman Reedus, are simply as cshed in actual life. The two share a close bond and are constantly hanging out and also joking around. They also had actually an epic glitter prank battle going for a while.

It would have made sense for Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ to feel left out as soon as he joined the cast, but he fit in perfectly fine. Mbody organ quickly bonded with The Walking Dead cast, despite the reality he was tbelow to literally damage them all on display. The actor tooled about on motorcycles with Reedus in their downtime and also inevitably showed up on Reedus’ motorcycle display. While Morgan and also Lincoln have actually proclaimed many kind of times that they preferred to rile each various other up prior to tense scenes, they’ve likewise been shown to hang out and also gain along really well when the camages aren’t rolling.

Still, even with all their real-people camaraderie, it’s hard to image Negan and also Rick ever before hugging it out the means Rick and Daryl would certainly. Even if Morgan’s character finds some kind of future redemption, we have a feeling Rick will certainly be maintaining him at arm’s length, figuratively and also literally.

Negan might act and behave prefer a savage, however after the events of seakid 5 and also seachild 6 of The Walking Dead, we learned that Rick doesn’t actually has actually a savage side that requires being reigned in by his team. Rick could have exceptionally quickly become a Negan-prefer character, however for the help of his family members and friends. He made the choice to method things in an extra civilized manner, although it would certainly take the loss of comrades, ending Jessie’s husband also, and also getting knocked out by his future girlfriend Michonne.

This meme is implying the absence of knowledge Rick and the rest had as soon as they accepted the mission to eradicate Negan and the Saviors.

The absence of understanding they had actually led them to believe they had finished Negan in their first raid of what they would uncover out later on was not the major base of operations, but an outpost. Since they did not know what Negan looked like, once among his followers shelp, “I am Negan” the group quickly put an end to his life.

In the finish, the mistake would certainly price them Abraham Ford and also Glenn Rhee, while Rick’s unwillingness to remove Negan might have actually also expense him Maggie, Daryl, and Jesus.

8 Stuff And Thangs

The Saviors initially showed up in front of Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl, that received the news that all of what they had currently belonged to Negan, whether they accepted it or not. While Daryl would certainly continue to get rid of the danger through the rocket launcher discovered by Abraham, they did not realize that what the Saviors had actually told them would certainly go on to end up being true.

In The Walking Dead comic book storyline, after Rick first meets Negan, he isn’t broken or beaten down thinking that the instance is hopeless. Instead, Rick tells his entire neighborhood that they will certainly play the component of obedient servants while they begin to plot just how and where to take Negan dvery own. Rick would then recruit The Hilloptimal and also the Kingdom in his fight. The Scavengers did not exist in the comics and Oceanside was not introduced till later.

It was all a ploy to buy themselves some time while discovering that they would certainly be sacrificing human being along the means, which has actually been a running design template on the display for quite some time. When the season concluded, Rick had reasserted the cultures, but in the 9th seakid he might finish up making more sacrifices if The Whisperers make their dehowever.

For such an iconic weapon, and also the only one in The Walking Dead to have actually a name, Lucille hasn’t actually taken out all that many type of human being in the present. In reality, it would certainly seem that Negan pulls out his unique bit lady as a last rekind, preferring toend world through guns and knives instead. Still, it’s an instantly recognizable weapon and also one fans won’t quickly forgain. This makes reports of Anattracted Lincoln wielding a comparable prop on the set of seakid 9 that a lot even more interesting.

Photos have actually popped up of Sheriff Rick Grimes riding a horse via a mace close at hand also. While the evident comparisons have actually been made to Negan’s Lucille, yet there’s an additional opportunity these photos could be hinting at.

In the comics, Rick has a younger brvarious other whose whereabouts are unwell-known to Rick after the walker infestation.

Rick’s brvarious other, Jeffrey Grimes, supplies such a mace for protection in a comic book spinoff. It doesn’t seem most likely that Jeffrey will actually show up in the show. His companion Claudia can show up in a various create, maybe as a member of the Kingdom, wbelow a mace would certainly fit right in with the neighborhood aesthetic. It seems the majority of likely, however, that the mace is ssuggest a nod to the youngest Grimes brother.

6 Negan"s Facial Expressions

Negan is a poor dude. Not just is he very violent, but he’s extremely insulting, also. He deserve to discover the allude that demands to be hit to emotionally scar his victims and also always makes sure to dig in deep. TWD fans still love eexceptionally time he opens up his mouth on account of his clever one-liners, dad jokes, and captivating charisma.

It’s most likely that charisma and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life good-natured sense of humor that brought about so many of these happy looks.

If we really desire to find an in-cosmos factor for why Negan constantly looks at Rick with such adoration, there’s actually a pretty straightforward explanation: Negan likes Rick.

He really does. He likes Rick’s tenacity, his stubborn nature, and also his organic management abilities. It’s simply, all those points sort of get in the method when you’re trying to become the dictator of the apocalypse, so these two were always going to butt heads. In an additional lifetime, before the end of the world, they may have even been friends. If anything, Negan most likely would certainly have looked as much as Rick.

If Rick and Shane might become so cshed, despite all of their noticeable differences, the Sheriff and also the Slugger might more than likely perform it, also.

The survivors of The Walking Dead typically challenge starvation -or at leastern we’re supposed to think they perform. A lack of food causes the citizens of Terminus to eat civilization. Gregory sees Alexandria’s desperation and also need of food as soon as Rick’s group initially arrives at the Hilloptimal. A great chunk of the Kingdom’s food was threatened, also. Similar to the walkers themselves, the survivors" primary goal is to uncover somepoint to nosh on. Morgan Jones put it finest in seachild 3: it constantly comes down to food.

Obviously, among the a lot of infamed food moments would be Carl’s vat of pudding in seachild 4, however he’s not the only foodie in Alexandria. Carol showed her improvisation skills in seaboy 5 with her acorn and also beet cookies. Denise virtually shed her life trying to obtain a have the right to of Oarray Crush for Tara in seaboy 6.

Negan himself got in on the foodie fun with his pasta-making as soon as he kicked up his feet in Rick’s residence for a small while. The Counattempt Time Lemonade is simply one more in a long list of popular food moments featured throughout the series.

4 The Most Terrifying A Man Has Ever Looked Holding A Baby

Without a shadow of a doubt, Negan is a horrific and also terrifying humale being, however how intimidating is he? How intimidating is he if you take away Lucille and his backing from The Saviors? We might discover out in seakid 9, however till then, Rick hregarding be taken into consideration among the many intimidating characters in The Walking Dead television display. The previous Sheriff controlled to make Aaron fear for his life without also putting down his baby daughter or her applesauce.

More impressively, in one of Rick and also Negan’s verbal confrontations, Rick took a rare victory. Negan dominates Rick for the a lot of component in their verbal assaults, yet after Negan invaded the first time with the help of the Scavengers - simply before the Hillpeak and also Kingdom rallied behind Alexandria - Rick took the possibility to tell Negan aobtain that he was going to off him, and told them they were already gone. For as soon as, he left Negan speechless and more than likely genuinely fearing for his life.

He may not win eextremely fight, however one thing you can count on via Rick is that he isn’t over till he is left lifemuch less, which he has shown on a number of occasions.

The Walking Dead did a lot to put up Negan’s potential finish. Rick only announced his intention to take out the leader of the Saviors every other episode. Long-time viewers most likely saw appropriate via these proclamations, discovering it was all a large red herring. After Glenn’s dumpster dive fans are constantly on the lookout for fakeouts via this present.

Of course, anyone who read the comic books and also observed Mbody organ Jones’ cell might have guessed just how the All Out War arc was going to play out. What nobody saw coming was the sudden passing of Rick’s kid, Carl. Not even Carl actor Chandler Riggs, if the reports are true. As it turns out, that loss was quite pointless, in regards to the comic book story.

Comic book Rick doesn’t need to shed anybody automatically prior to his last showdvery own with Negan in order to envision a brighter future. Comic book Rick has always been sort of an optimist with the capability to see points not just for what they are, but for what they might be. In the comics, losing Glenn is more than sufficient to reason Rick to bring Negan’s power of terror to an finish in a tranquil manner.

AMC showrunners claimed Carl’s passing was crucial to propel the story, but it appears simply as likely the poor boy was created off because Riggs was gearing up to attend college.

2 That Moment When ...

This meme is expected to tackle the audience reaction to Negan’s dominant place in the story arc at that suggest. This striking scene reflects Negan drag a helpmuch less Rick Grimes right into a recreational auto. He is then presented an possibility to take dvery own Negan but is quickly thwarted by the leader of the Saviors, that had just offed 2 of his closest comrades.

Negan had actually plainly won the battle however he required to attempt to make Rick concede to his will certainly. Longtime TWD fans were extremely used to seeing Rick calm and also confident in times of distress. Even through a basesphere bat to Glenn’s head in Terminus the Sheriff still calmly told Gareth just how points were going to go dvery own. But this scene was fairly different.

When Negan wanted to assert his dominance over Rick, among the initially points he did was grab the Sheriff and drag him via the camper door.

It’s really the initially time we’ve ever before checked out Rick so totally at the mercy of a villain.

At least physically. The Governor kind of got the drop on Rick once he had actually Hershel at the finish of the blade he stole from Michonne, however if Rick had actually been at the mercy of the sword it’s a safe bet his reactivity would certainly have a lot angrier than it was as soon as Hershel remained in risk.

Rick and also Negan’s leadership skills are equivalent to their characters. Rick likes to take his time and also plan points out. He holds human being at arm’s size and looks at all of his choices prior to coming to a decision. He could be the “excellent man,” however Rick is certainly the most calculated leader this display has ever before viewed.

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Negan, on the other hand, likes perform things off the cuff. He pretty a lot just wings everything he does, and that consists of his jokes. He likes to joke roughly a lot, generally in the develop of quick-witted one-liners.

That’s to be supposed once the Big Bad is simply making things up as he goes alengthy. Sometimes his plans will certainly occupational to his satisfaction, yet more frequently than not, Rick’s cautious preparations will give him a tiny bit of an edge in the finish.

To be fair, Negan wasn’t the initially character on The Walking Dead to tell embarrassing dad jokes. That honor checked out Rick’s father number (and Maggie’s actual dad) Hershel Greene. Hershel’s “Spaghetti Tuesday” joke was so negative Sasha couldn’t assist however roll her eyes even the midst of a flu.


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