What form of migrants are people who leave their nations to come to the United States permanently, because they want to be close to family members that have actually currently come?a. sojournersb. residential refugeesc. immigrantsd. long-term refugees
Which of the following represents a team of domestic refugees?a. international students that have actually involved attend UNITED STATE universitiesb. Vietnamese that resituated to Australia after the Vietnam conflictc. a family members from Iran that involved the USA bereason they want their children to have actually Western educationsd. Gerguy Jews who were sent out to prichild camps in Germany during World War II
What two main characteristics distinguish various miprovide groups?a. language and status differencesb. length of migration and also catalyst for migrationc. sex and condition differencesd. purposes for sojourn and capacity to adapt
The W-curve concept argues thata. social adjustment is a irreversible procedure of ups and downs.b. civilization might suffer social adjustment upon returning house.c.sojourners endure excitement, shock, and also then adaptation to "host" societies.d. social adjustment is a development process.

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Which of the adhering to is true for society shock?a. Eextremely sojourner will certainly suffer culture shock.b. Tright here are no benefits to enduring society shock.c. Culture shock can cause an identification crisis.d. Older civilization might experience less severe society shock than younger civilization.
What two types of uncertainty carry out migrants suffer as soon as they begin interacting in the "host" culture?a. voluntary and also required uncertaintyb. permanent and momentary uncertaintyc. predictive and explanatory uncertaintyd. psychological and also useful uncertainty
Which version has traditionally been the many frequently used to define social adaptation? a. anxiety/uncertainty administration modelb. transition modelc. communication-mechanism modeld. U-curve model
People who move right into new cultural conmessages for a restricted duration of time and also for a particular purpose are known asa. temporary refugees.b. sojourners.c. mid-term refugees.d. long-term refugees.
People who are compelled to refind permanently because of war, famine and oppression are recognized asa. momentary refugees.b. sojourners.c. mid-term refugees.d. long-term refugees.
What are two basic distinctions in between the U-curve and also W- curve of adaptation?a. predictive and explanatory uncertaintyb. individual readjust and also expectationsc. practical fitness and mental healthd. adaptation and also separation
According to the transitional model of adaptation, a. people endure excitement, culture shock, and adaptation.b. adaptation is largely a process of cognitive adjustment.c. adaptation occurs through uncertainty reduction.d. adaptation entails loss and change
A kind of social adaptation in which an individual provides up his or her heritage and adopts the mainstream cultural identity is calleda. assimilation.b. integration.c. separation.d. segregation.
A multisocial identification have the right to be identified asa.an identity developed on the feeling of in-betweenness that creates as a result of regular or multiple cultural border crossings.b.an identity that is grounded in the Western legacy of scientific and political ideas and also assumptions.c. an identification based on suffer of traveling to 2 or more cultures.d.an identity that has a number of competing dialects that are the result of various cultural influences.
a.an identity constructed on the sense of in-betweenness that develops as an outcome of constant or multiple cultural border crossings.
Which of the adhering to is true for reenattempt adaptation?a.One of the best things around returning house is that the major changes are political and cultural, not individual.b.One of the difficulties of reentry adaptation is that people do not intend to have actually challenges.c.The reentry adaptation procedure is entirely various from the social adaptation procedure.d.It is less complicated to go through reenattempt adaptation bereason people are already acquainted through the norms and attitudes of their home cultures.
Transnationalism refers toa. the process of adapting to multiple social influences at the same time.b. a absence of loyalty to any nation-state.c.the mindset that one"s national culture has an interdependent connection through various other national societies.d. the activity of migrating throughout the borders of one or more nation-says.

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d. the task of moving throughout the borders of one or even more nation-states. Reenattempt shock is usually less severe than culture shock bereason the sojourner knows what to expect his/her house society to be choose.
Reenattempt shock is commonly less major than culture shock because the sojourner knows what to intend his/her house culture to be favor.True/False