Django: Take a great lengthy look, Remy. Now, this is what happens as soon as a rat gets a little also comfortable roughly people. The civilization we live in belongs to the foe. We have to live carefully. We look out for our own type, Remy. When all is sassist and done, we"re all we"ve gained.

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I think I understand also the last sentence, however it"s still not clear to me. I can search for when all is said and done (after considering or doing whatever —used for a final general statement or judgment), but there is no result for "we"re all we"ve got".

How would certainly you rephrase that sentence?



According to the book "Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and also Family Treatment", web page 253

We (rats) need to stick together via everything

in an additional words,

we are all we need


"We" suppose "the society of rats".

So "we"re all we"ve got" means that rats can"t mean anyone else to aid them, especially not humans.

The father is informing Remi not to trust his huguy frifinish, only to trust other rats.


In English, the expression to have/have gained somepoint supplied via all means: to be able to gain or use somepoint for one"s very own benefit or objective for an inevitable or poor situation. It means: the just point you can count on is X.

Other examples:- All you"ve acquired is 5 dollars in the bank!- All you"ve got is me.- All he"s got is his love of money.

all someone has/has actually gained grammatically deserve to be understood as:- You have actually nopoint but 5 dollars in the financial institution.- You have nopoint else but me.- He has actually nopoint but his love of money.

Because of this, the statement would certainly go prefer this:- We"re all we"ve acquired.=- We have actually nopoint but ourselves.- We deserve to count on nothing yet ourselves.


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