The two main comes to of marketing are a. enhancing market share and making revenues b. holding dvery own prices while raising earnings c. emerging commodities and also finding carriers d. finding out and also satisfying consumer needs e. practicing ethics and also sustainability


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Step-by-step explanation:

Let Pryanka think of number x:

x, x + 1, x +3, x + 6, x + 10 = 5x + 20

His brother thinks of y:

y, x - 1, y - 3, y - 6, y - 10. = 5y - 20

The sums are the same, therefore:

5x + 20 = 5y - 20

5x - 5y = -40

(x - y) = -8

y - x = 8.

Data mining


Documents mining is the process in which we have the right to extract the raw data right into helpful data that would certainly become valuable for the agency.

Large information is available and if we take the data i.e vital or helpful so this procedure we dubbed data mining

In the offered case, it is found that as soon as the consumers purchased a sandwich so many kind of customers purchased toothpaste in addition to it. And for extracting the hiding information from its MIS the keep supplied the information mining strategy.

data mining


In organization, File mining is the act of obtaining indevelopment about customer"s habits that can be use for the company"s benefit.

On the majority of cases, Documents mining is used to predict the habits of a certain team of customers. By developing this prediction, the firm can create a product or marketing strategy that can effectively taracquire that group.

in the excerpt above,

The shop obtain the data that the majority of consumers who bought sandwich also bought toothpaste a long via it.

From this data, the shop can make assumption that tbelow is a correlation in between the sandwhich and also the tooth paste. (Maybe many kind of of sandwhich buyers require the toothpaste to rerelocate the sandwich"s smell from their mouth). The shop might use this information and ararray the placement of the toothpaste so it"s cshed to the sandwhich with the hope that it could rise its sales.

Letter b is correct. Build a partnership through the consumer and discover what the consumers" needs are.


Analyzing the actions of a sales process, it can be said that Karina"s following action in serving Heather would certainly be to create a partnership through the client and also discover her demands.

In order to accomplish success in a sale, it is essential for the salesperkid to know the steras of the sales process well and to execute them in such a method that it is possible to understand also the consumer"s profile and find out what his needs and also desires are, in order to sell the appropriate product or business.

The development of a relationship is crucial so that the seller have the right to analyze particular characteristics of the consumer"s profile, his wants and requirements, it is necessary to be friendly, attentive and understand exactly how to argue, in order to make a good impression on the customer and close the sale.

Option C. It was uncovered in the summer time.


If it was uncovered summer time, then that could suppose it can just be a summer plant, or it grows best in the summer. Option A. is simply just how plants grow. Option B. is simply that pets eat it, favor the majority of plants. And choice D. is simply favor widespread sense all the majority of.

Parental fees age

a = 58 and b = 39

Step-by-action explanation:

Lets a and also b the paleas age.


The sum of the parents age is equal to 97

And distinction of their ages is 19

We must discover the parents age.

From the provided statement the sum of their eras is 97, so the equation is


And distinction of their eras is 19, so the equation is.


Solve the equation 2 for a


Now we substitute the above a value in equation 1 and also simplify.





Now we substitute b worth in equation 3.


Because of this the parental fees eras is a = 58 and b = 39

Choice one is the answer
I have a book. This book is referred to as The Handy Anatomy Answer Publication. I assume it"s about anatomy. It is appropriate. I check out right into it and also realized that your lymph nodes are swollen it can be bereason tbelow is excess blood circulation to the tconcern.

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The answer is the initially option

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