Even You Can Discover Statistics: A Guide for Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afrhelp of Statistics Discover More Buy
Even You Can Learn Statistics: A Guide for Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afrhelp of Statistics Discover More Buy

1.2 The Branches of Statistics

Two branches, descriptive statistics and also inferential statistics, make up the field of statistics.

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Descriptive Statistics

CONCEPT The branch of statistics that concentrates on collecting, summarizing, and presenting a collection of information.

EXAMPLES The average age of citizens who voted for the winning candiday in the last presidential election, the average size of all books around statistics, the variation in the weight of 100 boxes of grain selected from a factory"s manufacturing line.

INTERPRETATION You are a lot of most likely to be acquainted through this branch of statistics, bereason many kind of examples arise in daily life. Descriptive statistics develops the basis for evaluation and conversation in such diverse areas as securities trading, the social sciences, government, the wellness scientific researches, and expert sports. A basic familiarity and widespreview availability of descriptive methods in many kind of calculating devices and organization software application deserve to frequently make using this branch of statistics seem deceptively easy. (Chapters 2 and 3 warn you of the prevalent pitfalls of utilizing descriptive approaches.)

Inferential Statistics

CONCEPT The branch of statistics that analyzes sample data to draw conclusions around a populace.

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EXAMPLE A survey that sampled 2,001 full-or part-time employees periods 50 to 70, conducted by the American Association of Reexhausted Persons (AARP), uncovered that 70% of those polled planned to work past the traditional mid-60s retirement age. By making use of methods discussed in Section 6.4, this statistic might be offered to attract conclusions about the population of all workers ages 50 to 70.

INTERPRETATION When you use inferential statistics, you start through a hypothesis and also look to see whether the information are constant through that hypothesis. Inferential statistical approaches deserve to be quickly misapplied or misunderstood, and also many kind of inferential approaches call for the use of a calculator or computer system. (A full explacountry of common inferential methods shows up in Chapters 6 through 9.)