Special Containment Procedures

A perimeter is to be established 2kilometres from the facility of ███████, WI, and no non-Foundation personnel are to pass this limit. Mobile Task Force Lambda-2 "Chain Gang" is to oversee containment of SCP-2875.

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Updated Containment Procedures: Due to current findings, just MTF Λ-2 apshowed devices is taken into consideration acceptable to dispatch SCP-2875-A instances. Under no circumstances are any kind of personnel to attempt to dispatch an instance of SCP-2875-A through a firearm, incendiary device, or various other unauthorized implement.

Self Replicating
Prize Feature


SCP-2875 is a phenomenon occurring just in the tvery own of ███████, Wisconsin. At noon eincredibly three days, in between 50-100 completely grown adult Ursus arctos horribilis (mainland grizzly bear) will certainly show up throughout the town. These instances are not anomalously strong or rapid, or anomalously hostile, and also will certainly primarily act choose any type of other member of their species given the situation.

The phenomenon shows up to be cumulative; the instances (SCP-2875-A) will linger about the tvery own facility for a short time prior to dispersing, and also even more instances will appear three days later on. Due to the potential scaling problems of the bear populace expansion, it has come to be imperative to dispatch the brand-new instances as easily as feasible.

At this time the only feasible implies to dispatch SCP-2875-A instances is by utilizing a extremely focused aerosol tranquilizer spray, and also then a blunt instrument via which to reason trauma to the cranial area, as killing any of the instances using a firearm or incendiary device outcomes in two new instances appearing beside the corpse of the deceased instance. As such, only Foundation typical motorized blunt force gadgets have been allowed for usage against the instances, with other blunt or bladed tools being permitted per MTF leader instruction.

Discovery: SCP-2875 was uncovered by Foundation containment groups sent to investigate reports around the sudden loss of a whole town of people. Upon showing up at ███████, the instance quickly ended up being apparent as soon as the tvery own was oboffered as being flooded via SCP-2875-A instances. At first the containment teams had all set to relocate every one of the instances to other habitats exterior of ███████, however once the recurring nature of SCP-2875 was uncovered, the current containment measures were establiburned.

MTF Lead Note: I know plenty of you think that this is some type of joke, but a town of constantly showing up bears is major. Can you imagine what would happen to the neighborhood ecosystem if we let this thing go? It was favor a goddamn bear arena as soon as we initially rolled in, and also that was just after a couple of days.

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Collected Voicemails

The complying with voicemails were respanned from a mobile gadget found in a cave exterior of ███████. The owner of the gadget has actually not yet been showed.