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Written by Julia Wolf

Tangled path (allegory)

Children in the train did not recognize wright here they were going, neither knew they the factor of their exile. When the train stopped they peeped out of the dirty windows, yet the names of the stations have actually been erased. This fact scared them a little, as they imagined that they were in a fairy tale, in “Hansel and also Gretel”, and also the names of the stations are erased because of them, so they might not find the means ago. The allegory drawn in between reality (the names of the station have been erased to delude the enemy) and also imaginary of kids is an introduction of the story to the unactual civilization, which is real for kids. The means the writer plays of reality and unfact could be confusing, however these details, as referring to tales and also magic, are crucial to develop up the whole picture of the story.

The Thing (allegory)

The Thing checked out by the girls in the woodland is cannot be figured out, it was a vision of between truth and also unreality. Nevertheless with its summary it acquires attributes of a dragon, or any type of other wormlike creature. The vision of the Thing has actually adhered to both girls all their stays. And as soon as years after they met by accident, maybe it was much from an accident – they met over the book depicting ancient dragons. The Thing in the woodland is a representation of what is everlasting, of what is never before overcame or subdued. The battle itself is a monster, humanity has experienced numerous battles, however the 2nd World War was the most damaging one, it sindicate broke people’s lives, souls and also ideals. And the Thing in the woodland allegorically portrays the cry of the spirit of mankind – it is damaged, jaded and also worn-out.

Imagination (motif)

Imagination becomes the primary motif of the story; it is represented with the children’s perception of the world. Penny and also Primclimbed, though having made friends at as soon as, are totally oppowebsite individualities. It is noticeable from their appearance, however what is more important is their inner people, their imaginations that make them differ. When reasoning about possible families they might obtain right into, Penny “imagined Victorian dark pillars of severity, prefer Jane Eyre’s Mr. Brocklehurst, or David Copperfield’s Mr. Murdstone”, Primclimbed in her turned “imagined a fat woman through a white cap and also round red arms who smiled nicely yet made youngsters wear sacking aprons and also scrub the procedures and the stove”. Both pictures imagined by both girls differ in its forms, but are comparable in its principle – tbelow might be little bit pleacertain in being in a stvariety family, the feeling of sad anticipation covers them both. Imagicountry of the girls acquires symbolic definition too, it mirrors he inner human being, yet additionally mirrors the backgrounds of the youngsters.

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