The means to begin is constantly the same. Hello,Hello. Your hand also, your name. So glad, simply fine,and Good bye at the finish. That’s eexceptionally story we recognize,

and why pretend? But lunch tomorrow? No?Yes? An omelette, salad, chilled white wine?The method to start is simple, sane, Hello,

and also then it’s Sunday, coffee, the Times, a slowday by the fire, dinner at eight or nineand Good bye. In the finish, this is a story we know

so well we don’t rotate the page, or look belowthe picture, or follow the words to the following line:The means to start is constantly the very same Hello.

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But one night, via the latticed window, snowbegins to whiten the air, and the tall white pine.Good bye is the finish of eextremely story we know

that night, and as soon as we dose the curtains, oh,we host each various other against that cold white signof the way we all start and also end. Hello,Good bye is the just story. We recognize, we understand.

Hello, it’s wonderful to meet you. But goodbye, significant day at occupational tomorrow, I really should be going. Sometimes it’s compelled. Hello, I’m trying to discover someone, a details someone. Have you watched her? I think she was wearing brown shoes via a crystal snowflake. Goodbye, I can’t believe he passed away this young, so shocking. I just had a beer with him 3 weeks earlier. Hadn’t heard from him considering that.

Many of the moment, this is the story we know. A story of transience, a story of prophylactic hesitation, a story which scoffs vulnerability. But this story is sane; it protects us. Yet, once the finish arrives, where are we?

One day, perhaps a night, we will come to be faced by our goodbye, our ultimate goodbye. Hello, it’s lovely to be here. Goodbye, my time looks choose it could be up. What have we gained? What have we given? What difference have we made? What have we touched past ourself?

Tonight, we block out all the distractions, all the surconfront dives. We understand we will need to leave in the morning. Suddenly, all the ritual, all the tap dancing, all the game playing, it all fades together, converging on oblivion. Nopoint we have actually guarded have the right to be taken via us.

Tonight, we adopt each other, holding each various other tight. We turn toward each various other, speaking of our humankind, our flegislations, our fears. Tonight, as we gaze towards each various other, we uncover out more about what we were sent right here to perform. We discover out more around interpretation itself. This is our truth.

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Hello goodbye. This we know. But around the area in the middle of the two? Grab my hand also and we’ll uncover out.