Current that is generally 60 hertz isdirect current.alternating existing.either of theseneither of these
An electrical diode is valuable foraltering ac to dc.storing electric energy.limiting present.voltage alteration.raising voltage.

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The resource of electrons in a basic electric circuit isenergy stored in the voltage source.the voltage resource.the electric circuit released by the voltage resource.none of the above
The resource of energy that illuminates a lamp in your home isatoms in the bulb filament.the wire leads to the lamp.the power agency.the electrical outlet.the source voltage.
The number of electrons delivered everyday to an average Amerihave the right to residence by an average power utility in the at an early stage 2first century wasbillions of the above
The cause of electrical shock is mainly reduced resistance.excess voltage.excess current.none of the above
Although electrons in metal relocate in haprisk directions at many times the speed of sound, the drift speed of electrons that create electrical current is a fraction of a centimeter per second.the speed of light.many kind of centimeters per second.the speed of a sound wave.namong the above
The electric field establimelted by a battery in a dc circuitrises using the inverse-square non-existent.acts in one direction.transforms magnitude and also direction through time.none of the above
Power is characterized as the power expended per unit of time. When analyzed to electric terms, power is equal tovoltage divided by time.existing multiplied by resistance.current split by time.present multiplied by voltage.namong the above
A 100-W lamp glows brighter than a 25-W lamp. The electrical resistance of the 100-W lamp is less.the exact same.better.
When a 12-V battery powers a solitary 6-ohm lamp, 6 joules circulation in the lamp each second.2 joules circulation in the lamp each second.24 joules flow in the lamp each second.12 joules circulation in the lamp each second.

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When we say an appliance "supplies up electricity," we meanelectric energy dissipates into warm.voltage is lowered.electric charges are dissipated.existing disappears.