I"m not able to unzip a zip file. I"ve tried using the "Right Click; Extract All" and likewise tried "Selecting & Dragging" the individual compressed documents out of the xxx.zip compressed folder/file, prefer the MS HELP says to execute, however neither works. There"s no error messages, just nothing happens. What"s blocking the unzip/extraction from happening?
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Replied on March 10, 2011


below are some exceptionally good tutorials around this

Compress and Uncompress a Folder or Documents in Windows VistaZip (Compress) Files and also Folders


Right-click a document or folder through multiple papers in it, suggest at Send To, then choose Compressed (zipped) Folder.

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Windows Vista will compress (zip) the file or folder and save the brand-new zipped file in the same location as the original file.

Unzip (Uncompress) Files and also Folders

You can unzip a paper a few various means.

Double-click the Zipped File

The easiest means to unzip a document is to double-click it. A home window via the zipped records contents will certainly open up. You deserve to click Extract all documents or drag the documents out of the window to the preferred area (example: the desktop).

If you choose to click extract all documents, the papers will be extracted (unzipped) in the exact same location as the original file unmuch less you specify a location in the Select aDesticountry and Extract Files box that appears once you pick to extract them.

Right-click the Zipped File

Right-click the zipped file and pick Extract all. The Select a Desticountry and Extract Files home window will certainly open and also let you pick if you want to conserve the records in the very same area as the original zipped file or you can pick wbelow you desire to conserve the unzipped documents by clicking browse and also choosing a brand-new area.

How to Open Zip Files on Vista

http://www.ejust how.com/how_4963978_open-zip-files-vista.html

Double-click the zip folder with the zipped file inside. A window must pop up via the file or papers inside.

Click "Extract All Files" in the height choices bar. The extractivity wizard will certainly pop up.

Select wbelow you want the papers to be extracted to. By default, Vista will certainly extract them to a folder that has the same name as the zip folder, in the very same area. If a folder by that name does not exist, Vista will certainly produce one.

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Click "Extract."

Your records will certainly be uncompressed.

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