User: The root word patho indicates _____. diseaseblacktumora The root word patho implies illness. Expert answered|jerry06|Points 36488|User: The best option for a donor body organ would certainly be _____. a family members membera deceased donoran man-made organan similar twin
Which statement is true about protein synthesis? Translation produces RNA; transcription produces the protein.DNA is analyzed to produce tRNA, which assembles proteins.DNA directs the manufacturing of mRNA; mRNA is translated to make tRNA; tRNA assembles the protein.RNA directs the production of DNA; DNA consists of genes that produce tRNA, which builds the protein.
Translation can begin while transcription is still in progress. User: The root word patho suggests _____. diseaseblacktumora problem The term sarcoma means a tumor of muscle tconcern. disease. User: The cause of transplant faiattract is most frequently _____. interior bleedinginfectionrejectionloss of blood supply (More) Technology based upon biology is called BIOTECHNOLOGY. User: Cytology is _____. Cytology indicates "the examine of cells". User: Genetic design _____. supplies gene chips to track progressprovides recombinant DNA innovation to change an organisms" DNAis offered in hereditary testing for certain inherited diseaseis not currently being used but is an amazing opportunity for the future (More)
Bioinnovation is the wide area of biology entailing living units and organisms to construct or make assets, or "any type of technical application that uses biological devices, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify commodities or processes for particular use".

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Although Roosevelt assisted the nation"s morale, his programs did little bit to pull the United States out of the Depression. TrueFalse
Although Roosevelt aided the nation"s morale, his programs did bit to pull the United States out of the Depression. FALSE.
* The correct plural of the noun attorney is _attorney. The primary tension on one syllable of a word is called the ... Good meaning is a favorable character or tendency. User: What was Jackson’s plan around aboriginal ... 1. He couldn?t bear the cold of Alaska after living in the __________ of Texas.2. He has been accoffered of ... One of the best reasons to create is to express what we think. Planning is the initially phase of the creating ... Ridge press drives subduction at a converging plate boundary. User: Which of the adhering to contributes to ... A house equity loan have the right to be riskies because the lender deserve to forecshed if you don t make your payments. TRUE. User: ...

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