Note: This is an ensemble number, yet fairly than creating out all of that sing what, I"ve simply creditedthe line to whoever before primarily sings the melody line.

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Em Fm
Ah, AmMr Secretary! F7Mr Burr, sir! Did you Dm7hear the news around good E7old basic Mercer? AmNo You understand F7Clermont Street? Yeah They recalled it Dm7after him, the Mercer lE7egacy is secure SureN.C. And all he had to perform was die. That"s a lot much less work
We outta provide it a try! Ha! Now how"re you gonna gain your debt arrangement through? I guess I"m gonna ultimately need to listen to you Really?
TalkF7 lessDm7, smileE7 more Ha! AmDo whatever itF7 takes to get myDm7 setup on the congress E7floor AmNow, Madichild and also F7Jefferboy are merciless Well, Dm7hate the sin, lE7ove the sinner Hamilton! I"m sorry,F7 Burr, I"ve gotta go! Dm7But- Decisions are hE7appening over dinner.
AmTwo Virginians and an F7immiprovide walk right into aDm7 room diametricallyE7 opposed, foesAmThey emerge through aF7 deteriorate, having actually openedDm7 doors that were previouslyE7 closed, brosAmThe immiapprove emerges withF7 extraordinary financialDm7 power a device he canE7 shape however he wantsAmThe VirginiansF7 emerge through the nation’sDm7 capital and here’s theE7 pièce de résistance:
AmNo one else was in theF7 room wright here it happenedDm7The room wright here it occurred, the E7room wbelow it happenedAmNo one else remained in the F7room where it happenedDm7The room where it occurred, the rE7oom wright here it happenedAmNo one really knows exactly how the F7game is playedDm7The art of the profession, how the sE7aconsumption gets madeF7We simply assume that it happensE7But no one else is in the room wright here it happens.
AmThomas claims— F7Alexander was on Washington’s Dm7dooraction sooner or later in dE7istress and anxiety and also disarrayAmThomas claims— F7Alexander said— I’ve nDm7owbelow else to turn! And basically E7begged me to sign up with the fray AmThomas claims— I F7approached Madichild and said—“Dm7I understand you hate him, but leE7t’s hear what he hregarding say.” AmThomas claims— Well,F7 I arranged the meeting. IDm7 arranged the menu, theE7 venue, the seating
But! AmNo one else was in the F7room where it happenedThe Dm7room wbelow it happened, the rE7oom where it happenedAmNo one else was in the F7room wright here it happened,Dm7the room wright here it happened, the rE7oom where it happenedAmNo one really knows just how the F7parties obtain to yes,Dm7the pieces that are sacrificed in E7eextremely game of chessF7We just assume that it happens, butE7 no one else is in the room wbelow it happens.

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Am At the same time, Madikid is F7grappling through the factthat Dm7not eexceptionally problem can be sE7ettled by committeeAmOn the other hand, congress is F7fighting over where to put the cDm7apital


- it isn"t E7prettyThen JAmefferchild philosophies with a F7dinner and inviteand also Dm7Madiboy responds through VE7irginian insight: AmMaybe we can resolve oneF7 difficulty through anotherand also Dm7win a victory for the SE7outherners, in various other words—(No Chord) Oh-ho! A quid pro quo I suppose
Wouldn’t you prefer to work-related a tiny closer to home? Actually, I would certainly Well, I propose the Potomac And you’ll carry out him his votes? Well, we’ll see just how it goes Let’s go!
No! —Amone else remained in the F7room wright here it happenedDm7The room wbelow it happened, tE7he room where it happenedAmNo one else remained in the F7room wright here it happenedDm7The room where it occurred, tE7he room wbelow it happened AmMy God! InF7 God we trust,Dm7 however we’ll never really understand what E7obtained discussedF7Click-boom then it happened,E7 and also no one else remained in the room wright here it happened
AmAlexander Hamilton!Am7What did they say to you to acquire you to sell New York City down the river? CAlexander Hamilton! C7Did Washington understand around the dinner?
DmAlexander Hamilton!N.C. Or did you recognize, even then, it doesn’t matter where you put the U.S. Capital?
Cuz we’ll have actually the financial institutions, we’re in the same spot You obtained even more than you gave! And I wanted what I got
EmWhen you got skin in the game, Fmyou continue to be in the gameEmBut you don’t acquire a win unmuch less Fmyou play in the gameEmOh, you obtain love for it. You gain hate for it
Em God Fmassist and forprovide meEmI wanna develop somepoint that’s Fmgonna outlive me EWhat do you want, Burr? What perform you want, Burr?E7If you stand also for nothing Burr, then what carry out you loss for?
AmI wF7anna be in the rDm7oom wbelow it happens, the roE7om where it happensAmI wF7anna be in theDm7 room wbelow it happens, E7the room where it happens(x5, develop in a crescenperform, on third rerotate repeat go to consistent chorus)TAmhe art of the F7compromise— Dm7Hold your nose and also cE7shed your eyes AmWe want our leaders to F7conserve the day— Dm7But we don’t obtain a say in what they tE7rade away AmWe dream of a F7brand new start— Dm7But we dream in the dE7ark for the the majority of part Dm7Dark as a tomb wbelow it happensE7I"ve acquired to be in the room wbelow it happens
Am I"ve gE7ot to be... The room wright here it happensAm I"ve gE7ot to be... The room wright here it happensAm I"ve obtained to be... IE7"ve gotta be... In the room