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ArtistThe Police
5 October 1979
3.62 / 5.00.5 from 6,144 ratings
#145 for 1979, #6,553 overall

rhythmic, male vocals, playful, melodic, eclectic, satirical, recurring, energetic, tropical, sarcastic, summer, longing, nocturnal


Zephos Apr 04 2011 4.50 stars
Man, the scatterswarm quality of experienced opinions about these males, and also the pretty ambivalent nature this website has toward them. Is it open up season on establishing the canon of The Police? Which albums are best? Which songs? How they compare in their particular years to other stuff? Well then allow me to stand also at the front of the lines in making something clear, that the Police are masters. And certainly one of the exceptionally finest acts from this period, and also considering this is more than likely my favorite era of rock music...that's saying something. And Reggatta de Blanc in specific stands as overlooked and underrated. Before Sting's pretensions came to be overbearing, and also before their rawer punk relationships fully evaporated, this stands. No it doesn't really rock out extremely a lot, nowright here near Outlandos d'Amour, yet this isn't really favor that one. You can't method this like it's a ROCKKIN album. Approach it even more prefer you would certainly Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, or The Kinks. As extremely well made pop rock more concerned through crafting excellent straightforward melody that betrays genuine love for both a dash of experiment among it's love for candymaking. But if fundamental rock instrumentation is your game it's tough not to love it either. The reggae influenced guitar lines on this are wonderful, painterly strokes of island colors that really make me respect the regularly neglected Andy Summers. Sting's bass is additionally good when it stands out as it so wonderfully does on Walking On the Moon. And Stewart Copeland is as always simply the male. But it really comes dvery own to their sense of songcreating. Sure their biggest hits are largely lacking below, with just Post in a Bottle being truly renowned, yet it's full of highlights. Bring on the Night is insanely underrated by my watch, a gorgeous loftlorn nervous power that appears to be singing directly to the moon. I also love The Beds Too Big Without You, featuring all 3 men doing their absolute ideal on a reggae beat that appears to just reach out for someone that isn't there. But really they're absolutely on optimal of their game below skills wise. You should learn to appreciate the ins and outs of their sound initially, hits won't sustain you right here, true love for The Police's formula comes initially. As pure musicians they would seldom be better, nor would their sense of economic climate and also sequencing which is perfect below. Everything is in it's best location. You come in through a romping and also automatically engaging track, come down a bit to relax with an important, then in sequence the tracks flow beautifully from that sort of dynamic. Even the extremely silly Any Other Day functions in all this, while it's tantamount on the debut (Born in the 50's) fell on it's challenge a little bit, this one functions excellently. Copeland's expensive personality (fitting for his frame) simply infsupplies it via a wonderful functioning goofround humor that would have failed miserably had actually it been Sting spearheading the thing. And probably that claims something for the album. No one is spearheading as Sting would certainly ultimately execute. Here it feels favor a real democracy of the three males, both in regards to importance of their corresponding components but I assume their artistic input. And choose any kind of truly good band also, when all the talents proportionally align somepoint magic happens. Their worst in check, their best complimentary to blast. I don't provide a fuck what Rolling Stone and also particularly Allmusic thinks about this, they couldn't be obscenely wrong if they tried. There was a time as soon as I naively complied with those forms of reviewers as being a good overview. Reggatta de Blanc shattered that perception. Go your very own way world of RYM, that's why this website exists after all.Rating: 4.5Highlights: Message in a Bottle, Bring on the Night, Walking on the Moon, The Bed's Too Big Without You
oldguywithsticks92 Mar 06 2010 5.00 stars
The Police's second album Reggatta de Blanc is even more reggae based than the deyet, however still awesome. The 2 significant hits "Blog post in a Bottle" and "Walking on the Moon" obviously supply in spades; they are two of the band's even more endearing tracks. If you require proof of Stewart Copeland's abilities on the drum kit (which you shouldn't), listen to his stunning performance on "Walking on the Moon". Beyond those two, let's see...The title track crucial is fairly awesome (and likewise functions those infamous "Cha's!"), as are the even more punk sounding "It's Alideal for You", "Deathwish", the Stewart Copeland also composed and also sung "On Any Other Day" (with the opening line 'the various other ones are finish bullshit'), and also the closer "No Time This Time" (with another classical Copeland performance).The remainder of the album is made up of moody, atmospheric reggae based numbers that smoke. "Bring on the Night" opens up up through an impressive bass line and Sting's vocal is just one of his ideal. "The Bed's Too Big Without You" and also "Contact" are also propelled by significant basslines and feature excellent Sting vocals. "Does Everyone Stare" is the weird number right here, another one written by Copeland. The utterly bizarre sounding introduction really stands out.Anvarious other very regular affair, yep this is an additional classical album by The Police. Fans of the band's even more reggae based sound would be wise to inspect out Reggatta de Blanc.

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patrickq Jul 14 2021 3.00 stars
A step in the best direction
It’d be nice to say that the Police adhered to up their mediocre debut album with a more confident second LP, however that’s almost difficult given how confident they were the first time out.The primary difference in between Reggatta de Blanc and Outlandos D’Amour, released elalso months prior, is that the songwriting is stronger the second time.The odd “Reggatta de Blanc” is imperfectly inserted as the second song on the LP, though someexactly how it works. Odder still is the song occupying the exact same position on the reverse: Stewart Copeland’s “On Any Other Day” (finish via a homophobic couplet that is excusable because… it was 1979, I guess. Plus it’s the Police).The hits, well-deoffered as they are, open up the sides: “Blog post in a Bottle” and “Walking on the Moon.” And there are 2 various other standouts below. The fun “Contact” is a clear compositional precursor to the Police of the 1980s, and the guitar-less “Does Everyone Stare” porhas a tendency the Police relocating past the power-trio version.There’s still filler here, and also underdeveloped songs prefer “Bring on the Night” and also “Deathwish.” But on the totality, this is a definite development over Outlandos D’Amour.
corkie May 13 2021 4.00 stars
Some high highlights herein...
Originally I favored the Police (Outlandos D'Amour), and also I preferred them even more as soon as I heard the initially single from this album 'Message In A Bottle' (which I believe I had on green vinyl!), and also then they became incredibly substantial, 'Walking On The Moon' was a huge hit single (number one I think). Result - I dropped the Police choose a stone. At the time, Outlandos D'Amour was quickly archived, and I never before even bothered to listen to this set. Oh fourteen year olds have the right to be so fickle!Yes this is a decent album, but I constantly thought that the Police were doing not have in the efficiency department. Each album features 3 or 4 great tracks, and the remainder is ideal left. As an avid album listener (I constantly listen to albums in their entirety), this leads me to not being a vast fan of this specific team.The over testimonial originally written in 2012, shows that my prejudice against The Police lived on a little as well lengthy. This is a great album - upgraded to 4 stars!Key Track: Walking On The Moon
JeroenHut May 11 2021 3.00 stars
Twee leuke nummers, Walking on the Moon & Blog post In A Bottle. Verder vrij vergeetwaardige nummers. Ook niet echt slechte nummers hoor maar veel van hetzelfde.

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Car_Crash_Interior Mar 30 2021 4.00 stars
A Healthy Sting to the Rock World
The Police, the trio that took the liberty to mix reggae and punk and also fusage it together. Summers, Sting, and also Copeland proved some of the greatest musical promise in the late 70's. Copeland also alone is criminally overlooked as one of the biggest drummers in history. The title track (Regatta De Blanc) and Contact are prime examples of his superhuman rhythm. The genuine punk is dragged out of them on It's Alappropriate For You. It's light but so full of hype. Sting's voice is perfect for both accents of the band also. Walking On The Moon is in line via Bring On The Night. Such sleazy island also like grooves. The youthful voice of someone that would certainly mature and also graduate into adult modern quite well. And it deserve to be straightforward to forobtain that he is likewise responsible for some of the funkiest bass lines on right here also. And lastly let's not overlook Andy Summers. it's his tone that compliments Copeland also on the drums so well. The Bed's Too Big Without You. A wave surfing melody. Little plucks below and also there that are so sublime it's sexy. Contact as well is an overlooked minute. Such curvy and also quick guitar lines there. Regatta De Blanc, it's an additional 1979 post-punk masteritem. Loaded through lyrical satire (On Any Other Day), and also relentmuch less, exhausting punk power. It's a solid "great" album. Solidly great. It's not simply tbelow for Article In A Bottle.