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“You are the same now as you’ll be in 5 years other than for 2 things: the books you review and also the world you meet.”

Maybe you’ve heard that quote from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. In my short article “Deep and also Wide and also Webbed Theology,” I shared about some human being who had been specifically prominent to me. Many of that affect came via reading their functions, yet it likewise felt prefer I had actually met them by the moment I had check out several points from them.

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I want to present you to a couple of people that I think you have to fulfill. I think hearing what they have to share will change that you are 5 years from currently. There’s a good benefit from hearing from multiple voices that are pressing in excellent directions – each seeing life from just a little bit of a various vantage suggest. These are mostly civilization I actually carry out recognize, and to my excitement, numerous simply (re-)started writing freshly.

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Crawford Wiley – Crawford is a musician, a student of sacred music at Notre Dame appropriate now. He has a deep appreciation for beauty and also liturgy. His creating isn’t rather poetry, yet it soars higher than consistent pclimbed. His recent pieces on the Daily Office and also Christ’s love and also on the Christian view of love in a Pink song are especially profound and worth a check out.

Wesley Sanders – Wesley just graduated seminary and also started writing. He’s among the brightest young minds I know of in the UMC. His current article “Without Reserve?” lays out the reality that seems to weaken our Methodist system of itinerancy, and also states extremely well what I’ve been trying to say about pastors’ salaries.

Tom Fuerst – I wish I can assess pop society the means Tom does. He additionally writes reflections on particular Scripture passeras and on different facets of ministry. Whatever before he does, it’s always profound, never generic. He just created an interesting item on the new Superman movie and how it falls brief.

Jonathan Powers – Jonathan simply yesterday was awarded his Doctor of Praise Studies. Now that he isn’t creating a dissertation, Dr. Powers has actually time to blog again. Great news for all of us. Jonathan has taught me the majority of every little thing I know around worship, and also I have actually a feeling I’ve only scratched the surconfront of what he’s acquired. His a lot of recent short article is a great location to start: “You’re a Theologian and Don’t Even Kcurrently It (or Prayer Does Theology).”

Chad actually Brooks – Chad will give you a bit of business wisdom, some excellent thoughts on ministry in the regional church, and a lot to chew on re: worship and society. See a great, quick review he put out on vision as it relates to ignorance and also clarity.

Derek Robinette – Derek is a long-time friend of mine. His love for people and also energy for what he does are compelling. I intend he’ll share a lot of honest and encouraging thoughts and also stories. His initially write-up on youth minisattempt was specifically great.

Anattracted Thompson – I must have actually stopped by currently, yet I can’t help myself. Andrew Thompkid is brilliant and always thoughtful. He would certainly more than likely be my initially speak for deep and reasoned reasoning about Methodist doctrine and theology. His post (and also attached article) on the re-development of doctrine in Methodism was good.

I could encompass others. I’d prefer to store going but feel like I much better soptimal right here. I’ll probably allude you in even more directions later on. But that should give you a great begin.

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Bonus: Oh, okay, one more. This one has nothing to do with ministry and also theology, so I’m consisting of it below. The Grvery own Man has simply begun composing aobtain. He provides me laugh out loud and actually teaches me how to be a far better, grown man along the method. And I’m told that he has actually even more female readers than male, so I deserve to recommfinish him to all.