A) operating, investing, and financing.

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B) operating, financing, and investing.C) financing, operating, and also investing.D) financing, investing, and also operating.

Answer Explanation

Cash Flow Statement

A cash circulation statement is a financial statement that summarizes the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and also leaving a company. The cash circulation statement actions how well a agency manages its cash position, meaning how well the firm geneprices cash to pay its debt responsibilities and fund its operating costs.

The major components of the cash flow statement according to their order of presentation of activities are cash from operating activities, cash from investing tasks, and also cash from financing activities. There are 2 methods of calculating cash circulation which encompass straight strategy and the indirect strategy.

The factor for the difference between cash and also profit is bereason the earnings statement is all set under the accrual basis of audit, where it matches revenues and also expenses for the accounting period, even though profits might actually not have yet been gathered and also expenses might not have actually yet been phelp. In comparison, the cash flow statement just recognizes cash that has actually been got or disbursed.

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On the income statement, which of the adhering to would certainly be classified as a period cost?

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On the earnings statement, which of the complying with would certainly be classified as a duration cost?

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