If you"ve viewed all eight episodes of The OA: Part II, hopecompletely you"ve regulated to reassemble your brain after it exploded watching the jaw-dropping ending (yeah, another one).

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While many kind of questions posed by Brit Marling and also Zal Batmanglij’s twisty drama have actually been answered – consisting of, most importantly, whether OA’s (Marling) bizarre story of bondage from seachild one is really true – the occasions of the second season have produced also more head-scratching moments that are yet to be described.

After taking in the mind-bfinishing series that features a character otherwise named OA/Prairie/Nina that is able to take a trip to other dimensions, some weird interpretive dance "movements", sinister scientist Hap (Jakid Isaacs), a spooky San Francisco house that is also a puzzle, a mysterious technology millionaire and also an addictive computer game, we’re despeprice to discover more.

Here are the unanswered questions puzzling us most:

1. Who is Elodie?


Irene Jacob’s character Elodie shows up to be an additional perchild who can take a trip from one measurement to the other. She crosses routes initially via Hap and later with OA.

She appears to know more about dimensional travel than both of them (she has cute little robot cubes to perform the "movements" fairly than needing civilization to act them out) and also sees herself as a overview – however what else does she know? Has she met Hap or OA in other dimensions?

Her advice to OA is vital – she defines that once OA (in her Prairie develop from seaboy one’s dimension) jumped right into Nina in the second measurement, she suppressed Nina’s personality and also memories however should actually allow both Nina and also Prairie’s experiences to coexist – but why is she being helpful?

Can she be trusted, specifically knowing that she has been in very close call with Hap?

2. Wbelow has Elias Rahim gone?


Rahim (Riz Ahmed), if you remember, was the FBI therapist that Prairie/OA talked to in the initially season’s dimension. In that season, we experienced him snooping roughly her parents’ empty home (and also we’re still not entirely certain what he was up to), and also in seaboy 2, he pops up in episode six at the motel wbelow Prairie’s teenager friends and teacher BBA are hiding out.

What has actually he been doing? His speech around room hints that he understands about other dimensions also, and also he reveals that he has actually been sent to assist OA. (Check out the mirror behind him as he talks – did you view it ripple? What does *that* mean?)

But how is he intended to aid OA? Is he in the second measurement somewbelow as well, trying to discover her? Who was it that sent him? And, even more importantly, wright here has actually he gone currently, as we don’t view him in the last two episodes as soon as some pretty major stuff is happening?

3. WTF was Old Night?


In the fourth episode, OA goes to the nightclub that she discovers her other-dimensional self, Nina, supplied to regular. It transforms out she is the club’s primary act and also the "show" has actually her sitting in front of a huge water tank wbelow she is hugged by a mammoth octopus (for this reason explaining the suction marks on Nina’s arms).

This aquatic fellow is recognized as Old Night and also speaks through her.

Erm... What the hell? In a present that embraces the unusual, this is just one of its a lot of audacious moments, and also possibly a divisive one for fans.

While the squelchy octopod doesn’t make it to the finish of the episode, we’ve still obtained concerns, choose – what on earth was it? Did it just talk to Nina? And does eexceptionally nightclub in alternative San Francisco have one?

4. Wright here is BBA in the second (San Francisco) dimension?


By the end of the brand-new seakid, it’s clear that teacher BBA (Phyllis Smith) has a distinct connection via OA – she deserve to feeling wright here OA is in the second dimension’s Treacertain Island also clinic as she and the teenagers visit the abandoned variation in the initially measurement.

She realises that the children that are alive with her in the initially measurement are "sleeping" in the second: some of them at Hap’s clinic, however wright here is BBA herself in that dimension? Is she with them, or somewbelow else? Or does she only exist in the initially dimension? (This leads us to one more significant question – have the right to everyone go to various dimensions, or simply a preferred few?)

5. Who – and wbelow – is The OA’s brother?


When OA converses with Old Night, he tells her she has a brother in eextremely measurement that has been sent out to protect her. In truth, the mega-octopus states a "she" sent out the brvarious other to safeguard OA, so there are two concerns to be answered – who is the "she" that sent out him, and who is the brother?

Maybe "she" is BBA, given that we recognize she has one-of-a-kind web links to OA?

The brvarious other can be Rahim, as he does say he has been sent out to help OA, however tbelow are at least 2 various other contenders. In the different San Francisco dimension, detective Karim is a possible candidate, yet our money is on Steve (Patrick Gibson), among the teens from the initially dimension who is travelling through BBA, and the one that appears many influenced by OA.

Watch the last few minutes of this seachild and also you’ll check out why we think he could be the one...

6. How deserve to they follow that seakid 2 ending?

We won’t go into also a lot detail here, but it would be fair to say that OA and also Hap’s leap to one more measurement at the finish of season two sets up some pretty fascinating and weird possibilities for a 3rd seachild.

Writers Marling and also Batmanglij execute give hints of the twist in previously episodes (pay close attention to Scott’s description of his near-fatality suffer in episode seven, and also OA’s vision of a woguy on a plane in episode four) but it’s anyone’s guess simply wright here they will go next.

The great news is that, according to Hap himself, Jason Isaacs, tright here is a plan. He freshly told the Daily Express that “they pitched five periods – they’ve got the totality tapestry”.

“I carry out know some of their principles and also they are... insane is the wrong word... deserve to I say barking mad?”

We wouldn’t mean anypoint much less.

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The OA: Part II is streaming currently on Netflix.

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