Rorschach emerged a renowned personality test that uses __________ as stimuli.a. inkblotsb. geometric patternsc. ambiguous photographsd. stick figurese. artwork
The combination of emotional qualities and also habits trends that characterize the uniqueness of an individual and also the methods in which the individual relates to the civilization and also adapts to eco-friendly requirements is calleda. ego.b. personality.c. cognition.d. superego.e. temperament.

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The the majority of widely adopted trait model of personality this particular day is thea. self-actualization design.b. Cattell sixteen-trait model.c. Allport hierarchical version.d. five-aspect model.e. Eysenck three-trait model.
As a team, neo-Freudians inserted higher focus than Freud on all but which of the following?a. Conscious choiceb. Self-directionc. Sexualityd. Creativitye. Ways of relating to others
According to humanists, personality isa. one"s consistent manner of habits.b. the interaction between genes and setting.c. the expression of conscious endure of directing ourselves towards achieving our own distinct potentials.d. identified by reinforcement and punishment.e. based on a pecking order of pervasive qualities.
the expression of mindful suffer of directing ourselves towards achieving our own unique potentials.
In personality testing, self-report personality inventories are likewise recognized asa. objective tests.b. subjective tests.c. projective tests.d. intelligence tests.e. predictive tests.
The psychoanalytic perspective suggests that also much or too bit gratification at a psychosexual stage may result ina. an inferiority facility.b. repression.c. reactivity development.d. fixation.e. regression.
Roger supplied the term ______ to define acceptance of a person"s standard worth under any kind of circumstance.a. unconditional positive regardb. self-actualizationc. self-esteemd. subjective valuee. conditional positive regard
Freud thought that personality consists of _____ structures, and also they are called _____.a. 3; self-idea, self-esteem, and self-efficacyb. 5; neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousnessc. 5; dental, anal, phallic, latency, and genitald. 3; unaware, preconscious, and consciouse. 3; id, ego, and superego
Stable and enthroughout individual attributes are calleda. habits.b. tendencies.c. traits.d. types.e. genes.

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Freud developed a technique to personality referred to as ______ concept.a. psychoanalyticb. traitc. social-cognitived. humanistice. levels of consciousness
According to Freud, the function of defense mechanisms is toa. fulfill the id.b. damage the id.c. prevent threatening thoughts from attaining awareness.d. unite the id and superego.e. protect the superego from troubling impulses.


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