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The even more I obtain, the even more I wantThe more I get it, the even more I wantThe more I obtain, the more I want from you, babyGive me halittle bit, I just can't kick (Well)'Causage it's your love I'm so happy withThere's no various other, I can't compare'Cause once I desire your love, you're constantly thereYou constantly offer me what I want without knowing itYou always offer me what I need when I need it (When I need it)I don't ever before want our love to end'Causage I want that excellent point over and over againThe even more I acquire, the even more I want (Oh, yeah)The more I get, the more I wantThe more I acquire, the even more I desire from you, baby (Come on)I want from you, babyToo a lot of anypoint ain't great for the soulIf you acquired also much, you can just lose manage (That's what they say)Eextremely time I get it I just want more'Causage each time I gain it, that thing gets betterYou constantly offer me what I desire once I want itYou always give me what I require once I require itI don't desire you to take your love and also goThat's why I ain't ashamed to let you go (I gotta tell you)
The even more I gain, the more I wantThe more I get it, the more I wantThe more I get it, the more I want from you, baby (I can't aid the method I feel about you, baby)I desire from you, baby (Hey)Just can't gain enoughCan't obtain sufficient (Swear to God you make me happy, happy man)Just can't get enoughCan't acquire sufficient (I ain't gon' adjust, baby, I know)(I'ma remain a greedy man) Just can't obtain enoughCan't obtain sufficient (I need your love, yes, I do)Woo, woo, well, well, since I require your love, I need it so negative, ah, ah, ahJust can't get enough (Of your love)Can't obtain enough (Don't you ever before take your love from me, child)Just can't acquire enoughCan't get enough (I don't recognize what I'd do)Well, see, your love is so excellent to me(And I gotta have you for the rest of my life) Just can't acquire enoughCan't gain sufficient (Don't you perform it)Just can't gain sufficient (Don't you carry out it)Can't gain enough (Don't you do it)Just can't get enough (Don't you execute it)Can't obtain enough (Don't you carry out it, don't you execute it)Just can't obtain sufficient (Yeah)Can't obtain sufficient (See ya, view ya, ah, ha)

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Your love, I can't lose itYeahBetter believe itGot somepoint specialMake me feel choose I wanna feelYou understand how to carry out that, babyBetter than anybody else