Publication, music and lyrics by Jeremiah Clay Neal. Adapted from the books The Kid Who Ran for President and The Kid Who Became President by Dan Gutmale.

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Musical Comedy Cast size: 4m., 4w., 3 either gender. May be increased to 21 duties and as much as 50 actors.Livestream and Record & Stream Rights Available

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Judboy Moon is 12 years old, and he"s running for president of the YOU-nited States! Sound crazy? His best friend and also project manager, Lane Brainard, through a focus on "Brain," is arranging a political project that will certainly readjust the world as we recognize it! Raising money at a lemonade stand in front of Judson"s home, the unmost likely candiday gets some media attention that ignites the political voices of youngsters around the nation. But running the nation isn"t like playing Nintendo; it requires immeasurable obligation and also courage. "Can you imagine a people where YOU were in charge?" But just how can the management of a 12-year-old son really take care of the decisions of the commander in chief? In the finish, it is the voice of a kid that decides the outcome of this interesting musical.


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Type of Sjust how Musical Product Code K06000 Cast Size 11 Min. Royalty Rate $90/perf Cost $10.95 Approx. Run Time 75 min


Taracquire Audience Young Audiences | Middle School | Family (all ages) Perdeveloping Group Center School | Community Theatre | Professional Theatre | TYA | Touring Group Genre Comedy ISBN(13) 9781583427088
* Please note the royalty price detailed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. The actual aristocracy price will be determined upon completion of a royalty application.

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File Description File Style
This Is My Countrymp3Download
Change the Worldmp3Download
Lemonade Standmp3Download
Please Holdmp3Download
Welconcerned the Big Housemp3Download
Gonna Use My Voicemp3Download

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