As The IT Crowd series four reaches its last episode, deserve to writer and also director Graham Linehan finish the run on a high? Ryan logs one final time to discover out...

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By Ryan Lambie | July 30, 2010 | | Comments count:0

Reynholm v Reynholm

The fourth series of The IT Crowd shudders to a close, and also what a rollercoaster it’s been. And while the majority of episodes have actually yielded something to raise a smile, writer Graham Linehan got to his artistic zenith via The Final Countdown, an instalment via some genuinely influenced, ammaking use of principles, yet has actually considering that coasted on a steadily diminishing wave of half-developed principles and also narrative dead-ends.

With the series finale, but, there’s a last chance for The IT Crowd to pick itself up and also end the seakid on a high. The episode starts well, via Douglas Reynholm making some bang-on-the-money referrals to Heston Blumenthal’s alchemical style of cooking (“I ate a chocolate radio that continued to occupational in my stomach”).

And as Douglas’s estranged, presumed dead wife Victoria returns from the ether, the fat-cat boss takes her to The Flappy Duck for a post-contemporary, slap-up meal: a hi-fi complied with by invisible desert.

Two weeks later, and also Douglas is already sick of the sight of Victoria, and also consults Jen for advice on the best method to file for divorce. Over a glass of milk and also a decapitated head at The Flappy Duck, Jen (having actually been bribed with the prospect of £10,000) awkwardly describes to Victoria the poor news. Unsurprisingly, the latter desires a huge settlement that would certainly amount to a substantial chunk of Reynholm Industries’ resources.

After 5 episodes of a series that has mostly concentrated on the bumbling tasks of Moss and Roy, the decision to devote the concluding show virtually specifically to Douglas, a comparatively incidental character, appears choose a bizarre one, prefer basing the final episode of, say, Fawlty Towers on Major Gowen.

And while Matt Berry is a fine comic actor in his own ideal, there’s little bit more to his character than misogyny and smarm, and there’s sindicate not sufficient depth to his character to carry a whole thirty minute episode almost specifically on his odd shoulders.

However, there are plenty of funny moments to be had, as you’d suppose from The IT Crowd even at its most lacklustre. Douglas’s homemade suit is a funny, throw-amethod sight gag, and the episode’s highlight is arguably its fantastically ramshackle, stilted Star Trek sex tape, which could rather quickly have actually gone on for an extra couple of minutes.

By contrast, much too long is invested on a largely laugh-free court instance scene that churlishes references earlier to episode three’s desperately unfunny arse-kissing scene, before rambling on through a similarly flat exadjust regarding Roy’s misexpertise of the phrase ‘damp squib’.

Thanktotally, Moss procedures in to save the day, with a genuinely funny physical performance that automatically lifts an otherwise drab chunk of the episode. Noel Fielding likewise turns approximately briefly repincrease his function as Richmond Avenal that, after his wilderness years as a Goth (not to point out a brief bout of scurvy), has actually reclaimed his businessprefer mojo and also reappears to show off his stvariety promotional video for new enterprise ‘Goth 2 Boss’.

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Largely, yet, this is an oddly low-crucial, abrupt finish to a collection that has actually perplexed quite even more often than it has entertained. While definitely not bereft of comedy sparkle and surreal, playful humour, the series as a whole has actually been an especially scatterswarm one, and also some of its principles came across as distinctly half-baked.