After analysis this you might be tempted to hop in your hummer and try the very same thing. However before, unless you desire huge damage to your vehicle, I would not imply it. For starters, this looks choose a conventional original Humvee. It’s not a Hummer II or a Hummer III, occurred for those real-people people that drive on asphalt however day-dream of excursions choose this.

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No, this a typical first-generation “high mobility multifunction wheeled vehicle”, featuring 4 wheel drive performance, and developed to navigate a traditional 60° incline. Those are the specs the USA armed forces asked for at least, and also they seem to have functioned out rather well. However, this man simply scaled a six-foot wall via his Humvee choose he was stepping over a curb.

You need to wonder exactly how he was able to pull off something like that? Take a closer look. Notice anything different about that Humvee? For starters, it seems choose a bit of the hood is lacking, as in the part where the side blinkers have to be situated. They have been looped off clean to disclose the tire. And given that we are talking about tires, how significant are those suckers? (more…)

They look to be a lot larger than your typical Humvee worry, right? I think that would certainly most likely assist a lot if you were trying to range a six-foot vertical wall. One other thing,

They look to be a lot bigger than your standard Humvee issue, right? I think that would certainly probably assist a lot if you were trying to scale a six-foot vertical wall. One other point, the bumper has actually been removed, and also the bumper mounts have actually actually been shortened to permit the tires to make call via the wall first.

That being the case, once those substantial tires make contact, all you need to do is juice the gas a little and the Humvee starts to crawl up the wall via extremely little bit effort. Now we all know that what goes up need to come dvery own, and also that is wright here things acquire really amazing through this stunt. As impressive as the climb is, the actual tricky component of the stunt lies in the descent. Keep in mind, the typical Humvee weighs around 5200 pounds without a payfill. That implies we are looking at more than two loads of weight. So the question is just how do you gently let just over 2 loads loss 6 feet to the ground without taking itself apart? The answer lies in those significant tires. The greater inflation adds an extensive amount of cushion to help absorb the shock upon landing.

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The lack of the bumper and also parts of the hood help decrease the weight a little as well. Even at that you have to be at the prepared to offer it simply the appropriate amount of love on the descent to proccasion damages. Bottom line, even via the mods… the driver is good! He never also breaks a sweat. Looks like the Hummer Ohio Extreme Squad (the acronym spells HOES by the way) have actually pulled off one more exceptional stunt via this Humvee mod. Checkout the latest information on military Humvees and see Humvee pictures.