You know the drill…”The grass is always greener on the other side.” I’m certain you’ve likewise heard by now (or at leastern watched on a Pinterest board somewbelow dvery own the line) “Comparichild is the thief of joy.” True and true.

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You recognize what’s sad? It’s sad exactly how quickly we surrender our own joy bereason we see someone else doing somepoint different and we desire their joy instead. You currently recognize the prominence of picking joy if you’ve been about these rosy components for at leastern a week,

It’s due time for one more brand-new mantra for this grey Monday to turn things…green:


What the heck does this mean?This suggests “the various other side” isn’t component of your equation. It can’t be. Placed your blinders on, and, as my 9th grade History teacher would’ve sassist, “Speak rubbernecking.” Keep your eyes on your own paper, and also sheight the continuous comparisons to everyone else and their mother when it concerns you doing your very own task and what you love finest.

If you live by the initially not-so-excellent mantra – “The grass is constantly greener on the various other side” – you’re literally allowing for someone else to have actually a happier yard simply because you can’t watch the already existent good in yours. Or, possibly even worse, you’re unwilling to put in the really difficult occupational that’s necessary to acquire your own yard in tip-top shape.

It takes work.

If you desire to live the kickass life of your dreams, there’s constantly going to be someone doing it much better than you. But that’s not the suggest – because there’s always someone out of the 7+ billion people on this planet that can perform somepoint better than you. It takes work-related, and also occasionally that might be why we find it temporarily less complicated to just envy others and whine about why they have actually it so straightforward or why they just had actually success “handed to them.” But what great is that in the long run? It gets us nowhere, and also our grass is still #charred in the finish.

Rise over that and water your own grass instead of looking at the neighbors. Get your tools out, acquire some understanding, and also acquire to breaking a sweat and also earning your own success that you have the right to – and will! – produce for yourself.

If someone else’s grass is green, it’s bereason they’re spending time at Home Depot wandering the garden area, figuring out the right fertilizers to put on it. They’re not sitting on their bums staring out the home window at your grass – they’re placing in #werk to obtain their own grass as green as deserve to be.

Sometimes plants have a dormant phase. It doesn’t suppose the plant is dead – it’s simply resting and also readying for the following seakid of development. And all plants have actually root systems – including grass. You can’t watch it happening, however it’s tbelow, and also it’s important to any type of sort of growth and green at all. People need roots, also – the core worths and integrity that anchor you to who you are and save you grounded (pun intended). The unchangeable pieces of you that all other points are developed upon. In this society, immediate gratification is a thing. Sometimes we provide up and also walk away as well conveniently bereason our own grass isn’t flourishing as quick as someone else’s, or we simply feel favor we’re not good sufficient to make it occur ourselves.

The leskid here?

By spending time worrying around and concentrating on what everyone else’s yard (ie. life, career, relationships, and so on.) looks choose, you’re wasting time that can otherwise be spent on watering your own yard (ie. life, career, relationships, and so on.). The outcome is a entirety lot less confidence in your very own work, a entirety lot more overwhelm through the civilization roughly you, and also a totality lot less progress in your own yard.

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This mantra is particularly salient to me today, bereason I woke up wanting nothing to perform with blogging. I woke up wishing I could simply sleep for an additional three hours and rise via a cup of coffee and a movie or something – not occupational on a Monday. But periodically you should push yourself to take the action, like forcing yourself to water your houseplant bereason it’s beginning to look prefer toast (guilty), bereason you view the potential.