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We’ve been waiting given that the pilot for this episode: Tonight, The Flash FINALLY took us (and Team Flash) on a pilgrimage to Gorilla City. Although “Attack on Gorilla City” could not have been the many dramatic episode, considering that it was component one of a two-parter, it was still an extremely entertaining hour that benefited a lot from the change in scenery. To be fair, this shouldn’t surprise us. Gorilla Grodd virtually constantly brings out the finest in the show.

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Picking up wbelow the last episode left off, Jesse explains to the rest of Team Flash that her father collection off on an expedition to Gorilla City, a kingdom lived in by gorillas in Africa on Earth-2, after receiving a message from the gorillas. However, his whole team was murdered, other than for him and he’s been gone for 2 weeks. Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and casual Indian Jones cosplayer Julian, that tags along just bereason he desires to tour the multiverse, agree to take a trip to Earth-Two and save Harry. Barry also wishes that saving Harry from the gorillas will prevent the gorilla intrusion of Central City, which was spoiled in a future headline, thereby saving Iris’ life.

Thanktotally, the episode doesn’t waste any time having Team Flash jump via a breach to Earth-2. The trip to Earth-2 infprovides The Flash with a level of suspense that’s been missing for awhile, and also it’s clear from director Dermott Downs’ many type of sweeping shots of the completely CGI’d Gorilla City that he’s relishing the opportunity to deliver vinlinux.orgers to this component of the DC Universe. However, we mustn’t forgain that this is still a CW show. Budget constraints implies many of the action, conserve for an exciting fight scene in an arena, takes area a relatively unimpressive location: the dungeons of Gorilla City (which resemble Zoom’s Earth-2 lair in last season). That’s where Team Flash finds itself after Gorilla Grodd knocked everyone out via tranquilizer darts as shortly as they got to the perimeter of Gorilla City.

When Team Flash eventually wake up in their cages, they come to face to challenge via Harry; but, as soon as Harry opens his mouth to speak, Grodd’s voice comes out because of the budacquire Grodd has taken over his mind. Grodd, speaking through Harry, explains that he lured The Flash bereason he requirements him to defeat Gorilla City’s King Solivar, that is planning to invade Earth-1 out of fear that the people want to assault Gorilla City. Once Barry detasks Solivar in an arena with the whole city watching, Grodd will take his area as ruler and make sure the gorillas won’t assault Central City, which he still considers his residence.

Obviously, Barry is unconvinced about going through via Grodd’s setup bereason he doesn’t want to kill anyone. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have actually a choice; Solivar says he need to kill them all in the arena because his topics understand they’re in Gorilla City, and he requirements to display them that his justice is swift and brutal. It’s basically a power play. Solivar’s issue via making these grand also mirrors of power clues that his rule is exceptionally tenuous. Wishing to save his friends, Barry agrees to fight on behalf of his whole team, and also if he wins, Solivar have to agree to let them go. Solivar accepts the deal, and also he and also Barry head down to the arena to fight.

I think it’s ideal if we state this up front: The Flash’s battle versus Solivar pushes the show’s unique results budgain to the borders. That being shelp, it doesn’t make the fight any type of less entertaining. With Cisco coaching him in his ear, Barry initially tries rate punches, but Solivar sends him flying. Then, Barry tries to throw lightning, however Solivar uses Earthquake Attack to pilgrimage him. Seeing no other choice, Cisco tells him Barry to usage Reverse Flash’s vibrating punch to knock him, which works (see below). Barry wins the fight but refuses to kill Solivar.



“I recognize you all fear human beings,” Barry says, addressing the whole stadium. “You think we desire war via gorilla type. We don’t. We’re not all murderers and killers. We just want peace, which is why I’m sparing your leader. We speak to it mercy.” An annoyed Grodd, channeling his inner Chuck Bartowski, easily shuts him up with another tranquilizer dart.

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Barry wakes up earlier in the cage and Grodd-as-Harry reveals that he lied: Solivar doesn’t want to attack Earth-1. Grodd does, and also currently he deserve to bereason the gorillas have actually embraced him as their leader after watching a humale defeat Solivar. Grodd, who is actually pissed about having actually been sent to Gorilla City, plans on forcing Cisco to open a portal to Earth-1, through which his gorilla army can take a trip to kill every one of the human beings in Central City. Generally, I’d complain about revenge being a motivation, however this instance is a bit more nuanced than that. First, Grodd is urged by the reality that he sindicate thinks (knows?) he’s smarter than people and thus vinlinux.orgs them as insubstantial, a idea that was fostered by Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne’s excellent parenting. And secondly, and a lot of importantly, it’s a bloody psychic gorilla! I’m not going to complain around the truth that this is actually happening on television. But, in all seriousness, this revolve of occasions isn’t surpincreasing because the last time we observed Grodd, he was trying to make Earth-1’s gorillas super intelligent, just prefer him.

The existing state of their mission leaves everyone pretty disheartened, other than for Barry, who is our bbest beacon of hope in this dire situation. “Wbelow there’s life, there’s hope,” says Barry, sounding like the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards. I’m so glad the episode provided this instance to remind us of just how essential hope is to the character of The Flash. Unfortunately, his words of impetus have actually an unintended consequence, as Cisco decides he requirements to die to speak Grodd from utilizing his powers. He also says that Caitlin usage her powers to kill him. And this wbelow Julian reveals his true motives for coming: He wanted to protect Caitlin from making use of her powers and also going full Killer Frost, which would happen if she killed Cisco. Thanktotally, Cisco’s stupid plan offers Barry one more principle.

Barry has Caitlin freeze him to the point of death. Then, they contact Grodd in and tell them that Barry has actually passed away. Grodd examines the body, doesn’t detect a heartbeat, and drags Barry’s body out of the cage, tossing it onto a pile bones. As Grodd stomps out of the dungeon, Harry tells Barry it’s time to wake up. Cue those classic Flash strings! Barry warms himself up, frees his friends and super-speeds them much enough ameans from the city so that Cisco deserve to open up the portal. Grodd chases after them, however the breach closes prior to he have the right to capture them.

While The Flash was on Earth-2 via the remainder of the team’s veterans, Kid Flash and Jesse Rapid remained behind to protect Central City. Wally is incredibly excited by the prospect of teaming up, and hanging out, through Jesse, however she’s much less than enthused and is actually pretty cold. When they go out to speak some bank robbers, Jesse Rapid stands on the sidelines while Kid Flash rushes in to sheight them on his very own and then laps up all of the praise from onlookers.

Jesse’s coldness isn’t shed on Wally, and also he confronts her around it. She points out that Wally appears to have found himself given that he gained his powers, and it feels favor he hasn’t had actually time for her anyeven more. Apparently, they haven’t spoken given that he ended up being quick. “I’m not finish without you,” Wally claims in the night’s cheesiest — however in an endearing means — line. He asks her to relocate to Earth-1 through him, yet at first she says no bereason she’s scared Wally is on his very own journey. However before, a pep talk from H.R. Wells, who warns her she might finish up living her life via regrets, convinces her to take the plunge.

Team Flash safely returns to Earth-1 via Harry in tow, which renders Jesse rather happy. This ends up being one of episode’s funniest scenes because Harry finally learns that H.R. is actually a buffoon that has actually no scientific know-how but has somehow still become rather necessary to the team. (From a storytelling perspective, H.R. Wells is only crucial with the sheer pressure of will Tom Cavanagh is exerting with his performance). With the day saved, Caitlin and also Julian head off on another date, despite Caitlin warning Julian to continue to be away bereason she’s scared of what her powers would carry out to him, and also Iris and Barry enjoy some one-on-one time at house.

But, alas, Team Flash’s troubles are simply beginning: Back on Earth-2, Grodd moves forward through assembling his enormous gorilla army to invade Earth-1 because he had a back-up plan: Gypsy.

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“Are you going to Planet of the Apes?” — Julian to Barry“It’s all around the running away” — Cisco to Barry after speed punches don’t job-related on Solivar

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