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jormundgandr asked: Hail Fjorn I seek some sort of expression that I have the right to scribe onto either my helmet of paint on my shield. Love and respect to you and your kin. Hjortr Brynja-Skera

Komdu sæll og blessaður, Hjörtr Brynja-Skera,(Come happy and also blessed,Hjortr Brynja-Skera,)

I appreciate the warm welcoming, friend. Your repursuit is indeed a noble one, and also I am certain that I will certainly be able to uncover some that are battle-worthy for you. Though, many of the phrases that I have picked are not precisely meant for the conmessage you arrangement to use them, so carry out bear that in mind.

Since you want to create this phrase on either a shield or a helmet, I assume that you want to manipulate some kind of protective saying. I additionally assume you will certainly be composing in runes, so I have gave some, although they are younger futhark, bereason that is what the ‘Vikings’ would have actually provided.

I am the a lot of familiar via Njal’s Saga, so my suggestions will be coming from that saga in particular, though some of these are discovered in various other sagas also (it helps that I currently have 71 pperiods of notes on Njal’s Saga, though, consisting of quotes). Here are my height two picks:

ᛅᛁᚴᛁ:ᚠᛁᛚᚱ:ᛏᚱᛁ:ᚢᛁᚦ:ᛁᛏ:ᚠᚢᚱᛋᛏᛅ:ᚼᚮᚴEigi fellr tré við it fyrsta högg.A tree does not loss through the initially blow.

(Njal, ch. 103)This one is my number one pick, and for a few good factors. This Old Icelandic proverb is generally supplied to encourage people to try harder, bereason their task will take great effort to complete. Now, it might be irresponsible to take the proverb out of context, yet, when doing so, you actually add a bit of‘sass’ to the proverb. With this on your shield, for example, you are informing your adversary that you will take rather the majority of effort to defeat. Basically, you are making use of the proverb to mock them.

ᛋᚴᛅᛘᛅ:ᛋᛏᚢᚾᛏ:ᚢᛁᚱᚦᚱ:ᚼᚨᚾᛏ:ᚼᚮᚴᛁ:ᚠᛁᚴᛁᚾSkamma stund verðr hönd höggi fegin.The hand also rejoices in the blow for a brief time.

(Njal, ch. 99) This is yet one more expression that you can usage with some‘sass’ behind it. The proverb generally means that a killer will just have his pleasure in vengeance briefly, because someone will certainly quickly take activity versus him (seeking his very own vengeance in return). In the conmessage of fight, though, you can use the expression to tell your adversary that an assault on you will certainly just lug momentary satisfactivity, bereason you will respond appropriately.

Now, about conmessage, I have to elaborate for sake of appropriate historical conduct. I have actually taken these phrases out of a saga, and also in that saga these phrases are not written on helmets nor shields. In various other words, they are shelp to human being based upon their actions, as proverbs often are. To use them in the way I have actually argued above is alright, but possibly a historical injustice. Honestly, playing off their proverbial meaning could have offer the expression an ironic flare in many cases. Still, I am weary around arguing proverbs and also phrases be taken out of their context, but, in the end, it is not fair to limit your use of this information bereason of the tedious historic discussions behind them.

Just keep in mind where they come from, bereason the majority of of these have backgrounds from Icelandic feuding and also the actions associated therein. If you desire authentic phrases composed on actual helmets, shields, tools, etc., we would need to look at the historical document, and unfortunately many of those details and objects have actually been lost to time.

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Regardless, I hope that you at leastern like among them! If not, let me know and also I will continue my search.