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The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick 10 Fashion Red is the 3rd shade I’m reviewing from the Black Label lipstick line. I’m not certain if it’s really referred to as Fashion Red or Passion Red, yet I can’t confirm considering that it had actually already been disongoing by The Face Shop. It’s not noted in their webwebsite anyeven more, however it’s still available for sale at some shops including Amazon.

For this testimonial, I will speak to it Fashion Red bereason it’s much more fitting than Passion Red.


Moisture lipsticks that carry out silky feeling. The vivid color of a lipstick are what you gain. Keeps lips moisturized for a whole day.



The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick Fashion Red (10) is a medium dark, cool-toned red that looks practically burgundy in the bullet. It has actually no shimmers yet it has actually an virtually glossy shine. There is a subtle scent that is badepend noticeable once used on the lips. Fashion Red is exceptionally pigmented. In the arm swatch listed below, I just lightly swatched it, and it’s currently semi-opaque in 1 swipe. To obtain an extra opaque and also even coverage, I usage 2 to 3 swipes of the lip color. You will certainly alert exactly how it has actually a silky and satin finish through a beautiful high shine.


Fashion Red will certainly certainly job-related even on those through pigmented lips favor me bereason the color is fairly deep and bold. But it deserve to also be worn lightly for a stained-lip result. This have the right to certainly be worn also without a lip concealer or lip liner underneath. However, if you want to make it last much longer, you can desire to use a lip liner before using this Black Label lipstick.

Application is a dream because it has actually a super creamy and smooth texture. The Face Shop Fashion Red lipstick glides smoothly and also conveniently over the lips without any type of tugging or dragging at all. Even though the color is a little bit dark, it doesn’t feather nor bleed on my lips.


The Face Shop Babsence Label lipsticks promises to store lips moisturized for a entirety day. This shade doesn’t last a entirety day on me, yet in the time of the moment that I have it on my lips, I carry out feel that it’s a bit moisturizing. For a really affordable lipstick, I love just how Fashion Red doesn’t dry out my lips and also even hydrates it.


This Babsence Label lipstick feels really lightweight on the lips. It’s extremely smooth and also creamy, and doesn’t work out into my lip lines. Exfoliating the lips is not required for this lipstick, however if you have actually exceptionally dry lips, I extremely recommfinish that you exfoliate your lips initially prior to applying Fashion Red. Even though it doesn’t accentuate the dry and also flaky patches on the lips, it would be finest to use it on a smooth lip surchallenge. I would also recommfinish that you use a good, hydrating lip balm beforehand also, for extra moisture.


Fashion Red Black Label lipstick looks a little dark on my lip swatches above. That’s bereason I used it greatly for these photos, so it looks really dark. For a finish that’s even more satin matte, you have the right to constantly blot it dvery own through a clean tconcern to eliminate the shine. I also love wearing it as a stain, just favor Chanel Etienne Rouge Coco. Fashion Red lights up my face and also offers a bit of character to it without being overbearing and also loud. I likewise love how it makes my teeth show up whiter.

The Face Shop 10 Fashion Red doesn’t slide around on my lips even though it has actually an extremely smooth and creamy texture. Unchoose the other Babsence Label lipsticks I have actually, Flower Pink and also Lady Wine, this is extremely resilient on me.

It lasts for 6 to 7 hours prior to it fades into a stain. It also remains on the lips also after some light eating and drinking. Although, with grbasic foods, some of the color fades via the food, however there’s still a little of stain left on the lips.


Color and also texture compariboy swatches (photo above) A – The Face Shop Babsence Label Lipstick 10 Fashion Red B – MAC Salon Rouge lipstick C – NARS Vera Audacious lipstick D – Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 46 lipstick


The Face Shop recommends to usage a lip liner before using Babsence Label lipstick. I personally don’t think that it’s vital for me. But if you’re supplied to utilizing a lip liner, then you could want to apply it beforehand, for a more precise application and also added longevity.


The Babsence Label lipsticks comes in a chrome-prefer, gunmetal silver difficult plastic packaging through a shiny finish that is practically equivalent to the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks. It looks very chic and trendy, at the very same time incredibly long lasting. I typically acquire prints anywhere my lipstick instances, however it’s extremely simple to clean this one. It likewise is a little scratch-proof. The shade number and also expiration day are indicated at the bottom of the tube, however the other characters are all in Korean.

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I bought my Babsence Label 10 Fashion Red lipstick for Php295 from The Face Shop in Robinsons Manila. Out of the 3 Black Label lipsticks I’ve tried, this is my favorite and I believe that it’s well worth the price. If you’re interested in acquiring this lip color, you deserve to also buy it from for $7.59.

Have you tried The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick 10 Fashion Red? Do you wear it as bold or as a light stain only?