Reunions, breakthroughs, triumphs and also tragedies… The Fosters 2×21, a.k.a. the seachild 2 finale, really did have it all. Read on for our recap.

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Family matters

The Fosters 2×21 begins in the wake of the decision Stef made to allow Ana to continue to be at the Fosters’ till she has her baby. Reality is establishing in for the family; Brandon had to provide up his room and Ana shares stories of Mariana as a kid, which is weird for Stef and also Lena. Mariana doesn’t alert, though – she’s too prelived in through the upcoming dance-off between the dance team she left and also the one she co-captains. Side note: She found a really cool means to blend her interests in dancing and also STEM by programming the lights on everyone’s costumes to readjust with the rhythm of the music. Callie‘s thoughts are in other places also, as she’s preparing for her weekfinish visitation through birth father Robert. Stef reminds her not to say anything to the Quinns about trying to acquire emancipated, which subsequently reasons stress and anxiety through Lena, who hates just how ugly the custody battle has end up being.

Remember once Stef and Lena weren’t going to take on Ana’s baby, Mariana tried to persuade her organic grandpaleas (and also Ana’s parents) to take the child, and then Stef and Lena changed their minds? There’s no word yet on what the Rodriguezes desire, but Brandon wants Mariana to tell their moms that she spoke with them simply in case. Mariana’s confident that she’s “gained this,” so this being The Fosters and all, I’m guessing she really, really hasn’t. She meets through her grandparental fees again to upday them around the baby’s fate, and she brings Jesus along this time. They seem to take it in stride, yet are they really OK via the concept of Stef and also Lena elevating an additional of their grandchildren?

Over at Anchor Beach, the school’s financial woes are continuing, and also it’s as much as Monte and Lena to balance the budget and pray that they gain the give they applied for. Monte comments that Lena looks stressed – or “as stressed as someone as beautiful as deserve to look” – and also Lena opens up around how Stef chose to lug Ana residence without consulting her. Monte relates Stef’s tendency to reduced Lena out of decisions to her ex-husband’s managing nature, which… isn’t the best comparichild to make, offered that they’re divorced.

Back at the Fosters’, Mariana tries to explain writing code to Ana, and also they finish up talking around exactly how Ana never finimelted high school because she gained into drugs.

“It’s really tough being a girl in this world. I’m really glad you’ve been increased by 2 solid, independent woguys. I hope you understand that you might execute anything if you set your mind to it.”

Not long after her heart-to-heart via Mariana, Ana has one via Jesus about his plans to go off to boarding institution in the loss. She points out that he has actually an excellent family and also states she wishes she hadn’t left home at 15. Whether Jesus decides to pursue an education out of state or not, Jake T. Austin recently announced he’s leaving the show, yet the exact situations are unclear.

“He’s my boyfriend”

The Jonnor pairing has turned into what’s arguably the the majority of delightful burgeoning romance of the series so far, and also certainly of the seachild. Last seakid, Jude‘s decision to experiment with nail polish brought him and Connor closer together once Connor painted his nails in solidarity. In an extremely sweet tie-back to that, The Fosters 2×21 sees Jude borrow the exact same nail polish before heading over to visit Connor in the hospital, wright here he’s still reextending from being swarm in the foot. However, Jude’s plans are scuppered when he runs into Connor’s father, who had formerly warned him to continue to be away. Jude stands up for himself, saying he desires to watch his friend, yet Mr. Stevens fights fire through fire and calls Lena to the hospital.

Lena: I understand exactly how difficult this must be for you, honey, I do. Losing a friend is one of the most painful points to go via, however Mr. Stevens made it exceptionally clear that –Jude: He’s not my friend.Lena: Connor’s not your friend?Jude: Tbelow were no girls in the tent on the camping trip. It was just us. We kissed. And now we’re, like…Lena: More than friends?

(Who else entirely dubbed it that the story around making out through the girls in the tent was BS? Just saying.) When Mr. Stevens returns from getting coffee, Lena and also Jude are sitting on the floor and also Jude is crying. I hope he feels super negative around raining on the Jonnor parade and also does a finish 180.


Instead, he tells Lena he’s pulling Connor from Anchor Beach, and Lena tries to gain him to watch the bigger picture.

“You can save Jude outside the door as lengthy as you desire, as lengthy as you’re willing to stand also watch, but what then? Are you going to store all the boys exterior the door? You can attempt, however trust me, if you carry out, you’ll be the one that ends up acquiring shut out.”

Mr. Stevens isn’t thrilled, yet he relents sufficient to let Jude right into Connor’s room after all. Connor notices Jude’s nail polish, which Jude charmingly defines as “war paint,” and also then moves over to let Jude sit beside him on the bed. AWWWW. Later, once Callie asks exactly how he’s doing, Jude claims “He’s my boyfrifinish.” DOUBLE AWWWW.

Stray skateboards & family friction

An impending dance-off wouldn’t be finish without an 11th-hour injury, and certain sufficient, Mariana trips over Jesus’ skateboard and harms her ankle. Emma points out that if the team doesn’t have actually 6 dancers, they’re going to have to forfeit, a concept Mariana is vehemently versus. “What are we gonna execute, pull a dancer out of thin air?” Emma retorts. Right on schedule, the doorbell rings – but unmuch less either of Ana’s parents have the right to dance, they’re not the solution to the dance-off quandary. In reality, they current more of a trouble than a solution. They don’t desire to adopt Ana’s baby, yet they perform desire her to save the kid and also they’re willing to help out. Ana declines the market, yet later on, Jesus tells Mariana he thinks the just reason she did is to save Mariana’s feelings from acquiring hurt. He urges his sister to tell Ana it’s OK to keep the baby – yet will certainly Mariana be selfmuch less enough?

At the Quinns’, Sophia is ago from treatment after having been diagnosed through a personality disorder, and she appears to be doing better. Furthermore, Robert’s parents are in tvery own, so Callie’s visitation is turning into a household affair – and also let’s just say his father, Robert Sr. (played by the legendary Patrick Duffy), isn’t precisely thrilled about Callie’s presence. In fact, he accsupplies Robert of being obsessed and clintends the fight to get custody of Callie is making Sophia feel prefer she isn’t enough. Robert shoots back via “I wouldn’t be in this place if you hadn’t required me to pick in between her mom and this family,” at which point, ironically enough, Robert Sr. develops himself as an unmost likely ally of Callie’s by telling his child that she’s happy living through Stef and Lena so Robert shouldn’t uproot her. Later, Callie tells Robert not to blame himself bereason he didn’t understand she existed until years after she was born. “It’s not that I don’t love you – I do,” she tells him. “It’s simply, the Fosters, they’re residence. They feel favor house. No matter what, simply understand that I desire you to be a component of my life.” Mid-embrace, Robert gets interrupted by a contact from his lawyer. Suddenly, the secret emancipation setup isn’t so key anymore, which places also more strain on Stef and also Lena’s partnership.

Temptation presents itself

On the other hand, Brandon’s Idyllwild vs. tour dilemma continues. He’s all yet chose on Idyllwild and is psyching himself up for the audition when Lou drops by through some news: A talent scout from a document firm heard Someone’s Little Sister’s demo and also is interested in seeing them play. “You might go to this program for a summer and have actually fun or whatever before, or you could come on tour,” Lou tells him. “Who knows what could happen?” While he’s making out through Lou, the woman who’ll be overseeing his Idyllwild audition is waiting for him to present up. She’s about to leave as soon as Brandon arrives, breathless, however is he as well late? Nope – and he plays beautifully, through one hiccup.

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Monte drops by Lena’s office with champagne and excellent news: Anchor Beach gained the grant! But once she’s had actually some champagne, Lena confesses that the provide is around the just good point in her life at existing. “Nothing’s fine right currently,” she tells Monte prior to confessing that she isn’t excited around taking on Ana’s baby – she simply feels “overwhelmed and worried about everything, consisting of marriage.” Monte hugs her and, much favor spooning leads to forking, hugging leads to kissing.

A dance & a death

At the dance-off, Mariana discovers her nemesis stole her dystopian robot theme, but she has somepoint even cooler: a digital dancer to take her location. As the audience applauds, Stef leave the auditorium to take a call: The judge dealing with Callie’s situation obtained wind of the emancipation arrangement and also wants to check out her, Lena and Callie ASAP. “All ideal,” Robert lastly concedes. “I don’t want you to gain emancipated, and I don’t desire to be my father, but I believe what you said – that I’m your dad no issue what. I am officially withdrawing my suit for custody.”


With Stef and Lena over at the courthome, Ana has to drive the twins home, which suggests Mariana gets the possibility to broach the idea of maintaining the baby. Before they have the right to talk about it, Ana experiences a sharp pain and tells the twins she thinks she might be going right into labor. The hospital is a pair of blocks amethod and she agrees to attempt to drive tright here. Back at the Fosters’, Lena tells Callie “Nothing’s going to stop us now” – but the auto that smashes into the side of the auto Ana’s driving seems to suggest otherwise. Stef is dubbed to the scene, unmindful of the identities of those affiliated, and also the dispatcher tells her there’s one fatality. Fade to black…