I remember once I played a lengthy time earlier, Critical S&D objectives would certainly sometimes come up at one safe house, and as shortly as you'd complete it, another would come up at a various safe house. And various other times you'd get one and also that was it.

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I don't remember exactly how to acquire them to come up over and also over. Can someone remind me please?


Critical S&D missions would certainly periodically come up at one safe residence, and as shortly as you'd finish it, one more would come up at a various safe residence.

This is exactly how it's intfinished to work. Tbelow should constantly be one safe home that's critical at any kind of given time.

The safe residences perform sometimes wig out though, so you could must relog to un-fuck it as soon as that happens.

FYI if (when) the instrumental S&D bugs out, you can leave the map and also 'start' a regular S&D at your current safe house, and also it must reappear whether or not you complete the continual one -- you don't need to relog.

So after you complete one, you bring up the map to discover the next one, and it doesn't present up. Cshed the map and also start a consistent S&D from that very same safe residence (wbelow you have to still be from the previous critical), and then check the map -- a brand-new important location should show up, and you have the right to abandon the one you started.

This doesn't job-related always. It happened to me last weekfinish for assault ge and did 3 different zones and also the marked safe home never before proved up

It's how you earn Intel, which is the "currency" provided to execute HVT/HRT objectives. Just go to the map board at any type of of the LZ Safe Hosupplies and also you'll be provided 3 targets to go to. Pick up whatever in the time of these goals, as the NPCs will certainly drop Intel.

For the a lot of Intel, execute the missions that have the rotating blue/white circle on the map.

Then, once you have sufficient Intel you can carry out the HVT objectives offered by the pair of HVT officers in the Terminal, BoO and Camp Clinton.

Easiest way to acquire Target Intel (if you deserve to perform it) is to earn exotic caches, as each one has 50 target intel.

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