Under the straight write-off technique of audit for uncollectible accounts, Bad Debts Expense is Debited.A. at the end of each accounting periodB. when a crmodify sale is past dueC. whenever before a preidentified amount of credit sales have been madeD. when an account is determined to be worthless

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Two techniques of bookkeeping for uncollectible accounts are theA. direct write-off approach and the allowance methodD. Allowance strategy and the accrual methodC. Allowance technique and the net realizable methodD. Direct write-off method and also the accrual method
If the direct write-off technique of audit for uncollectible receivables is used, what basic ledger account is credited to create off a customer"s account as uncollectible?A. Bad Debt ExpenseB. Accounts ReceivableC. Allowance for Doubtful AccountsD. Interemainder Expense
IF the allowance method of accountancy for uncollectible receivables us used, what basic ledger account is debited to compose off a costumer"s account as uncollectible?A. Uncollectible Accounts ExpenseB. Allowance for Doubtful AccountsC. Accounts ReceivableD. Interemainder Expense
After the accounts are readjusted and closed at the finish of the fiscal year, Accounts Receivable has a balance of 340,000 and also allowance of Doubtful Accounts has actually a balance of 51,000. What is the net realizable worth of the accounts receivable. A. 51,000B. 289,000C. 340,000D. 291,000
When the allowance method is used to account for uncollectible accounts, Bad Debts Expense is debited whenA. a costumer"s account becomes previous dueB. an account becomes poor and also is created offC. a sale is madeD. administration estimates the amount of uncollectibles
To Records approximated uncollectible receivables using the allowance approach, the adjusting enattempt would certainly be a A. delittle to Bad Debt Expense and a crmodify tp Allowance for Doubtful AccountsB. Debit to accounts Receivable and also a crmodify to Allowance for Doubtful AccountsC. Delittle bit to Allowance for Doubtful Accounts and a crmodify to Accounts ReceivableD. Delittle bit to Loss on Credit Sales and a Crmodify to Accounts Receivable
What is the form of account and also normal balance of Allowance for Doubtful Accounts?A. contra ascollection, creditB. asset, debitC. ascollection, creditD. contra ascollection, debit
You have actually simply obtained alert that a costumer of yours through an Account Receivable balance of $100 has gone bankrupt and also will certainly not make future payments. Assuming you usage the allowance approach, the entry you make is to A. delittle bit Bad Debt Expense and also Crmodify Allowance for Doubtful AccountsB. Delittle Bad Debt Expense and crmodify Accounts ReceivableC. delittle bit Allowance for doubtful Accounts and also crmodify Accounts ReceivableD. Debit Allowance for Doubtful Accounts and also crmodify Bad Debt Expense


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