Seachild 8, Episode 1 Hell in the Heartland also - Kearney, Missouri

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan investigate violent paranormal activity at a family members residence in the tiny town of Kearney, Missouri. During their sepaprice investigations, Steve tracks down the history of a ruthmuch less Civil War-era gang leader, while Amy encounters numerous deceased individuals, consisting of a trapped male heart and a dead woguy capable of physically assaulting the living.

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Seachild 8, Episode 2 Night Terrors - Brumley, Missouri

Steve and also Amy take a trip to Missouri to investigate paranormal disturbances keeping customers awake at a historic bed and also breakquick. Steve uncovers a horrific murder-suicide, while Amy encounters a translucent entity that stalks the living.

Seakid 8, Episode 3 Deadly Promise - Chicearlier

Steve and also Amy investigate paranormal activity terrorizing employees and customers at a Chicago tatas well parlor. While Steve"s investigation reveals the property"s gruesome previous, Amy encounters a pair of dangerous entities who prefer to watch the living.

Seaboy 8, Episode 4 A Widow"s Revenge - Dumfries, Virginia

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan travel to Dumfries, VA, to investigate activity that"s tormenting volunteers and also tourists at a historical museum. During the examination, Amy encounters a female soul wishing to injury the living.

Season 8, Episode 5 Skin Walker - Hardinsburg, Indiana

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan take a trip to Hardinsburg, Indiana, to investigate clintends of vicious paranormal task affecting a household who are afraid for the safety of their sick father. While Steve"s investigation reveals a fanatical preacher that led an equipped revolt against his very own church, Amy encounters a twisted entity whose mission is to trap the souls of the deceased.

Seachild 8, Episode 6 Rerotate of the Damned - Evans, Georgia

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan take a trip to Evans, Georgia, to investigate a shattered family"s claim that paranormal task brought about the premature fatality of their 41-year-old child. While Steve"s investigation of the home reveals a shocking previous filled through slaincredibly and murder, Amy encounters a dead boy who"s capable of inflicting physical pain on the living.

Seachild 8, Episode 7 While the Children Sleep - Olympia, Washington

A frightened mom calls on Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan to investigate clintends of malicious paranormal task directed at her children and elderly mommy in Olympia, Washington. While Steve"s examination reveals a deadly explosion that eliminated nearly a dozen human being, Amy encounters a hateful murder victim hell-bent on ending the presence of anyone in her path.

Season 8, Episode 8 The Devil Inside - Applegate, California

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy investigate paranormal activity threatening the lives of a cancer survivor, her 2 kids and her older sister in Applegate, The golden state. While Steve"s examination reveals an execution-style killing connected to a cult close to the property, Amy encounters demonic gargoyles that prey on the living.

Season 8, Episode 9 Deadly Kin - Louisville, Kentucky

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, to investigate paranormal violence threatening the resides of a grieving elderly womale and also her daughter. During her walk, Amy encounters the heart of an angry guy through a deadly mission.

Seakid 8, Episode 10 Lust to Kill - Victor, New York

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan take a trip to Victor, New York, to investigate paranormal task terrifying 2 Military veterans that fear whatever is happening inside their house could kill them and their family members. While Steve"s examination uncovers a dual homicide with ties to the residential or commercial property, Amy encounters a serial-killing widow who"s targeted the family members as her following victims.

Seakid 8, Episode 11 Influence to Kill - Layton, Utah

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan take a trip to Layton, UT, where a grandfather fears for the life and security of his grandchild. Their investigation uncovers a psychotic dead man attempting to possess the grandboy and a portal inside his bedroom that permits shadow civilization to infest the house.

Seakid 8, Episode 12 Drained - Ripley, West Virginia

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan investigate paranormal activity threatening the stays of a Ripley, WV, father and also his family members.Their examination uncovers an effective demon terrorizing the household, along with a psychic vampire that threa10s to suck the life force from everyone that resides in the home.

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Season 8, Episode 13 Shattered - Sinclairville, New York

Steve DiSchiavi and also Amy Allan travel to Sinclairville, NY, where a mother of two believes paranormal task is responsible for the disintegration of her marriage and physical attacks on her kids. Their investigation uncovers a mysterious entity that is leading to the dead to lash out at the living.




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