Chandler Riggs, age 15, is finest well-known for his award winning duty in AMC"s The Walking Dead, playing the character Carl Grimes. Chandler, playing a teenager struggling to survive in the write-up apocalyptic world in The Walking Dead, was preferred to be the actor for Holden Caulfield and also is thought by many kind of to be one of the finest choices as Chandler, being a teenage boy, could truly feel prefer Holden Caularea.

Phoebe Caulfield- Francesca Capaldi

Francesca Capaldi, age 10 is ideal known for her duty on the Disney TV show Dog through a Blog. She likewise has played roles in other Disney shows such as Ant Farm and the CBS comedy How I met your Mvarious other. In the present, Dog with a Blog, she plays the young, clever girl Chloe James and also is the perfect alternative to play Phoebe as they both share many of the very same features as young girls.

Allie Caulfield- Justin Bieber

Although known more for his singing career, Justin Bieber presently aged 20 would certainly be a decent alternative as Allie Caularea. Justin, that is concerned by many as a young Renaissance Man, is not only intelligent, but have the right to play tools and also has starred as the lead male in his very own movies. Given his freedom and intelligence for his premature age, Justin is an excellent match to be the actor for Allie.

D.B. Caulfield- Josh Hutcherchild

Although D.B. does not actually have actually any type of acting components in the book, Josh Hutcherboy aged 22 years old could serve as a number of impetus for Holden. Holden, who talks around his brother D.B. throughout the book, talks around him being a wealthy writer in Hollylumber, a role Josh can pull of fairly easily. Josh has actually starred in many type of movies, however began his career through his initially movie in 2003, Miracle Dogs.

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Robert Ackley- Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, aged 30 years old, will certainly be the actor playing Robert Ackley. Ackley, that is among Holden"s roommates at the beginning of the book, is a hypoinstrumental, unhygienic and also immature male in the direction of Holden and other civilization. Jonah was preferred for this function as a result of the many kind of comedy movies he has starred in, such as 21 Jump Street, Superpoor, and also 22 Jump Street.

Ward Stradlater- Leonarcarry out DiCaprio

Leonarperform DiCaprio, aged 40, will be playing Stradlater on. Despite Leo"s older age, he will conveniently be pulling off the role of a young, handsome, and also convincing high institution student. Leo has many type of of the attributes that Stradlater on has himself, and also is expected to pull off the function exceptionally well. Leo has been the star of many kind of movies from the beforehand 1990"s to this particular day, through some of his many necessary being Titanic, The Aviator, and The Wolf of Wall surface Street.

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Jennifer Lawrence, aged 24, freshly made her major dehowever into the world of film playing as Katniss Everdeen in the series of movies recognized as The Hunger Gamings. Jennifer is an intelligent, outgoing woguy and is meant to fit the role of Sally extremely well as they both share many kind of of the very same features.
Emma Watboy age 24, isideal well-known for her roles in the Harry Potter series as Hermoine, will certainly be playing Jane Gallagher in The Catcher in the Rye Movie. Seen as a solid character in the Harry Potter movies, she can additionally be viewed as having a really caring and friendly side to her too. Holden will take a liking to this character extremely much.
Daniel Radcliffe, 25,that will be playing the function of Carl Luce is also ideal recognized for playing the role of the young wizard, Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series of movies. Daniel, via his function as Harry, developed right into an extremely intelligent guy who will fit the duty of Carl fairly well. Carl will certainly just connect via Holden for a brief time, wright here he has appeared to readjust right into a advanced character from what he was before in Holden"s childhood.
Scott Wilchild, aged 72 will be playing the role of Mr. Spencer in the movie, The Catcher in the Rye Movie. Scott is finest recognized for his function in AMC"s The Walking Dead as the guy named Hershcel Greene. Hershcel takes the duty in the present as a physician to the sick as well as a figure of wisdom to any that may need it. Due to this, Scott seems prefer the only evident choice to lecture Holden around his future and also why he demands to improve his life.
Keanu Reeves, age 50 is best known in The Matrix trilogy as the character Neo. As the character Neo, Keanu was chosen to be "the one" that brought peace to the world ofThe Matrix with his actions as the protagonist. In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, Mr. Antolini lectures Holden and gives him advise that will prepare him for his future, the future that he is structure due to failing qualities and also a poor attitude.
In the book, Mrs. Antolini is only in scene for a brief amount of time yet is described as the partner of Mr. Antolini. Jennifer Aniston, age 45 will be the perboy to fill this little slot of a character in the book. Jennifer is a very proficient actor that has played in many different genres of film.
Sunny, who was the prostitute hired by Holden, will certainly be played by Keira Knightley. Sunny, who actually just talked through Holden for a short amount of time before he kicked her out of his room was defined by him as childish. It is just until Sunny returns to his room the following morning through her Pimp Maurice when she practically seems aggressive through him. Keira, that has played in the films Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and The Babsence Swan will certainly be a good complement to play Sunny.
Mbody organ Freemale, who is 77 years old, will certainly be playing the Pimp, Maurice. Mr. Freeman, that has actually played and also voice acted practically eincredibly different duty in the past, will certainly be the perfect option to play Maurice. Due to the fact that of Mr. Freeman"s deep, demanding voice he will quickly be the guy that takes the additional five dollars from Holden.
Finally, last on our list, is Zac Efron, age 27 will certainly be playing the role as James Castle. In the majority of of Zac"s past work as an actor, he has usually played up-beat happy people, but will now play the boy that commits suicide at Holden"s school while wearing Holden"s sweater. Regardless of Zac"s and James" differences, he will certainly still prevail and will pull off this function flawlessly.