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This test is composed of 5 multiple alternative questions and 5 brief answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the physician say will certainly happen to M&M?(a) He says he will die.(b) He says he will certainly recuperate.(c) He doesn't know.(d) He states he will be traumatized forever before.

2. Who stops at Terry Jones' home in Chapter 8?(a) Angela.(b) Tim and Curly Shepard.(c) Cathy.(d) Curtis.

3. Why does Bryon have actually such a difficult time at occupational in Chapter 8?(a) He gets yelled at by his boss.(b) He has actually a confrontation through Angela.(c) He is hung over.(d) He's too worried around M&M to emphasis.

4. What does Cathy imply in Chapter 6 that she and also Bryon do?(a) Go to the movies.(b) Pick up Mark and also M&M and acquire a coke on the Ribbon.(c) Pick up M&M and see a movie.(d) Pick up Mark and go bowling.

5. How does Mark respond to Bryon's statement in Chapter 8 about why Cathy Doesn't like Mike?(a) He uses to fight him.(b) He cries.(c) He stops talking to Bryon.(d) He gets angry and calls Cathy names.

Brief Answer Questions

1. What does Bryon execute after he finds somepoint under Mark's bed in Chapter 10?

2. Why execute the inhabitants of the home need to save a cshed eye on M&M?

3. What are the people in the house in Chapter 8 doing as soon as Bryon and Mark arrive?


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How does rum influence Bryon?

5. How does Mark justify dealing drugs to Bryon?

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