Tell Me Something I want to hear is flourishing. We are getting all set to switch to a new web server dedicated to the show yet really the just perkid super excited about that is … Jeremy. We likewise simply purchased which will certainly organize every one of the Dylan, Jeremy, and also Maggie goodness… So along the exact same lines this week we are adding a brand-new segment to the Tell Me Somepoint household. Tell Me Somepoint I Want to Hear Proudly Presents:

 These Are Things with Matt

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Episode 306: The ProjectionList


This week Dylan goes past popcorn. Stories from the sticky floors of cinema… We lug you The Projection List!

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Episode 305: DaniMoz


This week Dylan walks the roads via a pretty woguy, oh honey, honey. And sings a song we all recognize with his guest.

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Episode 304: DanKaplan


This week on the regimen we play along with Dan Kasetup.

Dylan and Dan have a lot in common, not really, but type of!

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Episode 303: Boston BurgerBlog


This week on the routine we cjust how down with Rictough Chudy from Boston Burger Blog.

The perfect burger… It’s out there!

Lets acquire fat… Jewish?!

Episode 302: ZacWolf


This week on the program we talk with Zac Wolf (Z-A-C-W-O-L-F)

The boy, photographer, and also male, however definitely not a girl…

Dylan asks questions…

Episode 301: TonyPacitti


Welpertained to the much anticipated Season 3!

This week on the regimen we talk with Tony Pacitti (view episode for proper pronunciation) writer of My Best Friend Is A Wookiee.

Find out if Dylan is via or without The Force…

Let’s nerd out this season!

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Season 3 isHere!!!


Aid Me Raise Money forAutism


As a teenager I operated at a pizza area. It was my initially project external of shoveling drivemeans and also walking dogs. I was so excited to have actually a new stream of revenue that I hardly noticed exactly how warm, sweaty and doughy my nights were. My boss Marty was good though, he was constantly supportive of our curiosity in the kitchen and also helped job-related approximately our band also schedules as soon as we essential to play a present. A really stand up gentleguy.

Marty was also a really smart male. In the down time in the afternoon he would certainly talk through us around approach and national politics and also pepperoni. He taught us exactly how to make the perfect sauce, exactly how to care for newly climbing dough and also we kbrand-new this wasn’t simply a task for him, he really loved what he did. That rubbed off on us and also we took our work extremely seriously as well. There’s a definite scientific research to it. But it’s likewise a labor of love. He was the personification of that truth.

He provided to carry his child right into work-related via him, so he could hang out and also color or play cards at the shop. The 2 of them were incredibly close. They had their very own language, a bond that namong us might really grasp. At initially I was a small uncomfortable around him, I didn’t understand the means he acted or communicated. It was unprefer anything I had actually ever checked out. His boy, he told every one of us on our initially day of work, was Autistic. At the moment, I had no principle what that meant.

Several years later on after returning from college I acquired a task working for a neighborhood newspaper. I mostly did small posts about events approximately town, new restaurants opening you recognize, journalism. One day I was assigned an write-up about a area out in the middle of the farmland also of Ohio that was holding a craft fair. I kbrand-new nothing around Bittersweet Farms and also wasn’t expecting a lot once I went in to talk via the coordinator of the fair. I wasn’t a vast fan of what I prefer to call “basket art” and assumed this would certainly be one more one of my patented fluff pieces. What is it they say about assuming? It turns out I was that.

What Bittersweet Farms does is takes adults through Autism and houses them on a working farm to teach them around farming and caring for pets and art. Modeling actions and social interactions and helping those individuals lead productive and also enriching resides. I took a tour of their facility and at the finish asked what I can execute to assist out. I was so overwhelmed via eactivity, and hope and a recently found passion that I quit my task at the paper and also began functioning at the farm.

Working through those men provided me a feeling I never had before. I felt favor I was actually doing something. When I moved to Massachusetts I was fortunate sufficient to work with one of the leading agencies for developpsychological disabilities, The May Institute. While there I functioned at both the Day Program and also in the Residential Program. Most of the individuals in the regime are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. I bought books around Autism, watched documentaries, talked via parental fees and also educators, anypoint to understand this disorder and also learn just how I can assist.

I have actually such respect for those who have dedicated their stays to understanding what it implies to be diagnosed through Autism. And maybe more so, the family members of these individuals. It’s not somepoint a lot of human being are reduced out for. It’s rough work-related. As many kind of great days there are, tright here are just as many kind of tough and harrowing days.

I think earlier to all that Marty did for his boy at the pizza shop. Providing him through as much visual stimulants as he could, all the coloring books and also playing cards. When he would massage his hands to relieve some of the tension and also anxiety his child was feeling. Letting his son make decisions rather of assuming and also selecting for him. All the things I assumed were simply their little bit things were some of the approaches occurred for helping adults with Autism. There’s a definite scientific research to it. But it’s likewise a labor of love.

It may seem favor a little gesture, but this fundraising project to help buy new bicycles for The May Institute is one that is really close to my heart. A project that will cause actual success for these people. These bikes will certainly allow these males to boost their motor and sensory integration abilities with the physical endure of balancing, pedaling, steering, and also planning movement on a bike. Building these skills are necessary to an adult with autism as it decreases recurring actions such as finger flicking and also totality body rocking so that they may live a happier and also even more fulfilling life.

I really hope you take the time to add your support to the project. To watch the job just click here.



Hey guys, the first episode of Season 3 is approximately 50 hours ameans from being downloadable, I recognize you can’t wait!

(I simply peed a little…)

Skeleloads is a collaboration task of numerous names, voices and talents that have showed up on over the last couple of years.

We have been working on the task for a while and also are exceptionally excited to announce it today.

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This is the first in a collection of 3 CDs we wil be releasing under the name Skeleloads.