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From Beth:

"Tell me ONCE AGAIN who I am to you, that I belengthy to you." I so love these lyrics from Jaboy Gray"s song, Remind Me Who I Am.Our worship team played this at H
HKids! while some of the team enacted a skit around identity--that who God claims I am trumps any type of lie I can believe around myself.It is they cry of every among us!It is theprivileged role of eexceptionally mommy and also father to tell each one of our children when again--over and also over and also over and over,year after year after year after yearYou are my priceless child. You are the one I love. You are special to me. You are a treacertain.

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When our children were little bit they would desire to review the very same book eexceptionally night before bed--night after night after night after night.Or they would certainly desire to watch the same movie, fast-forwarding to their favorite scene--day after day after day after day.Children are just that way, absorbing somepoint of worth to them with repetition.And it is that method through us, also now as adults. Stephen told me he loved me as soon as we got married. And he expected it. But I should hear it once again--over and also over and over and also over,day after day after day after day.So, let"s contact forth the treacertain of each among our youngsters, telling them ONCE AGAIN, who they are.Speak it in seakid and out of season.Sheight it when your son embraces their identification as the beloved, and also stop it when your child denies the reality of it, either through their words or with their actions.Speak it when you see it through your eyes, and sheight it once you do not.Stop it as soon as they are in front of you listening, and stop it once they have gone to bed and also just you and God deserve to hear.Speak it once your heart is complete of the truth of it, and soptimal it when the words seem favor a lie even to you.Sheight it--over and over and over and also over,day after day after day after day,year after year after year after year.For many type of of our kids that have endured loss, rejection, disregard and also even more with their relinquishment, this repetition over days and years is a straightforward yet powerful key to the healing occupational God is doing. And for our children that have actually never before well-known anything yet the solid truth of their state as the beloved, this repetition will be the gift that never before grows old. Just as I never before tire of hearing Stephen tell me he loves me, so carry out we all never tire of hearing the words of truth that we belong, that we are loved, that we are treasured.When this "informing when again" underlies all of our parenting, we discover ourselves in consistent communication with the Lord, asking, "Who is this child?"We discover ourselves parenting forward through God"s eternal objectives in mind, reminded once aobtain that God is as much as something in this child that far surpasses the habits of the moment.We find ourselves relocated once aget via hope, because the assures of God carry out notdisapallude, even though both our parenting and also our kids periodically perform....endurance creates strength of character, and also character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not result in disappointment. For we know exactly how dbeforehand God loves us, because he has provided us the Divine Spirit to fill our hearts through his love. (Romans 5:3-5 NLT)Father God, would certainly you tell me this particular day something about _____________? Who is this child? When You think about _______________, what do you say? And would You present me just how to weave the reality of his/her identity into my parenting day after day after day after day? Thank You and also Amen!We understand you noticed that obnoxiously flashing button at the peak of this page! Click on that to learn more about our Hope at Home 2013 Conference, September 27-28.If you choose what we are doing on this blog,Facebook, Pinteremainder, and also Twitter, then you won"t desire to miss out on this conference!