1. 3.1 (Points: 1) Technical skills flourish in importance as one moves up the managerial power structure.TrueFalse Save Answer 2. 3.2 (Points: 1) Human abilities are vital at all levels of monitoring.TrueFalse Save Answer 3. 3.3 (Points: 1) Mumford’s research stupassed away army personnel fairly than company and also business leaders.TrueFalse Save Answer 4. 3.4 (Points: 1) The skills strategy says that many individuals have actually the potential for management.TrueFalse Save Answer 5. 3.5 (Points: 1) Social judgment is an individual attribute in Mumford’s abilities version.TrueFalse Save Answer 6. 3.6 (Points: 1) Crystallized cognitive capacity is linked to biology, not to endure.TrueFalse Save Answer 7. 3.7 (Points: 1) Career experiences aid form and build leaders’ competencies.TrueFalse Save Answer 8. 3.8 (Points: 1) Environmental impacts are components in a situation that lie outside the leader’s competencies,attributes and experiences.TrueFalse Save Answer 9. 3.9 (Points: 1) The abilities approach has not been extensively provided in applied leadership training settings.TrueFalse Save Answer 10. 3.10 (Points: 1) The skills method is a leader-centered model in which the focus is on emerging management abilities.TrueFalse Save Answer

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