"Take one for the team" is a common expression that can easily be construed as placing yourself in a negative place for the advantage of the larger group. But the expression itself recommendations a team fairly than "take one for us" or "take one for the group".

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Is tbelow a certain sport this phrase originally described prior to the basic public began using it?



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Is there a specific sport this phrase originally described before the general public started making use of it?

Yes. Baseball.

From idiombeginnings.org:

Take one for the team

This expression derives from baseround and also dates from the latter half of the 20th century c. 1970, and also suggests that a player takes a pitch on the body in order to move to first base i.e. the player is making a sacrifice on befifty percent of the team. The player has to be mindful bereason the umpire deserve to penalise the player if the umpire believes it is delibeprice. The expression has relocated on to other sporting activities, choose (association) footsphere, for instance, wright here it implies to commit a cynical foul and also risk a yellow card in order to sheight an opposing player from relocating into a potential goal-scoring place. It is currently typically offered external of sporting contexts wright here it means to accept some chore or hardship for the sake of one"s colleagues or friends.

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