Robin Hood and also his Merry Men, Sherlumber Forest, Mhelp Marion and also the evil Sheriff of Nottingham are the stars of a entirety fill of tales about stealing from the wealthy to provide to the negative. There have been movies, plays, books, video games and also comics all with Robin Hood at their centre. He also made a cameo appearance in Shrek! But is what we know around Robin true?


Man or myth? Who execute you think Robin Hood can have been? Was he also real?

Wbelow did the story come from?

The earliest composed mention of Robin Hood is in a poem from the year 1377, wbelow a priest says he found the tales of Robin Hood much easier to remember than the Lord’s Prayer. Not excellent for a priest, really. But this does suppose the stories of the outlegislation were probably famed by then, with them being passed from person to person. It was not until the 1400s that the adendeavors of Robin began to be written dvery own in the develop of ballads, and also they are incredibly various from the stories that we know and also love now.

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An beforehand image of Robin Hood (c. 1500). Does he look choose how you imagine he would certainly look like?

But was Robin Hood a genuine person?

Yes… and also no. Tbelow are a few people who have been considered to be the ‘real’ Robin Hood. Some of these share his name, some have actually suspiciously equivalent stories (yet perform not have the exact same name). What is clear though, is that the name ‘Robin Hood’ in the 13th and 1fourth centuries was a symbol of being an outlaw.

Wbelow was Robin Hood from?

I am afrhelp we carry out not recognize this either! It depends on that you think the original Robin Hood was, although he many most likely was not from Nottingham or Sherlumber Foremainder. In the original stories, Robin was actually from Yorkshire, not far from the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds!


The Major Oak, Shertimber Forest, Nottinghamshire. This oak tree is the biggest in Britain, and also is around 1000 years old. It is often shelp to be wbelow Robin Hood and also his Merry Men slept.

Was Robin a great man in all the stories?

Well the brief answer is not really, he was actually quite violent! In the original stories, Robin and also his men also killed world travelling through the forest. And we are sorry to break your heart, however he did not steal from the well-off and also offer to the poor either. He certainly stole, yet most of it entered his own pocket! A few even more things, tright here was no Maid Marion or Friar Tuck in these previously versions. Nor was Robin a Lord. He just had 3 of the Merry Men we recognize today; Little John, Will Scarlet and also Much the Miller’s Son.

So why has actually the story changed so much?

Like many legends, the story of Robin readjusted with the times and what the audience wanted. For instance, in 1597-98 Anthony Munday wrote plays around Robin. According to Munday Robin is Lord Robert, Earl of Huntington, and also he additionally has a love interest – Maid Marion. This was most likely because in Munday’s time Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and lords and also women had many power. In Disney’s animated Robin Hood movie from 1973, the characters had been turned into pets, to appeal to a younger audience. And in an extra modern adaptation of the stories, the BBC television series in 2006, Marion takes an extra active part in helping Robin and also also saves him. This mirrors the prospering understanding of women being just as fearmuch less and able as men!

Even more curious is the method that the principle of Robin has been obtained without transforming him a lot at all. In the Marvel Comic Universe, Hawkeye is a misinterpreted criminal turned crime-fighter that happens to be an excellent archer. DC comics’ Eco-friendly Arrow is well-off playboy turned crime-fighter that happens to be, wait for it, an outstanding archer.


A 17th-century illustration of Robin Hood, Little John, and Will Scarlet. Can you check out just how the fashion of their clothing has actually changed from the illustration from the 1500’s? This is to appeal to the audience that would have actually seen this print.

We deserve to no more pin Robin down than might the hapmuch less Sheriff of Nottingham. But real or not, 600 years on there is little bit authorize that we have shed interest. And maybe it is specifically that mysterious high quality, the hooded archer stalking the shadowed forest equipped just via his wits and also his bow, that keeps him alive. May the outlaw reprimary on the loose for 600 years more.

Activity Pack

Downpack the Robin Hood Fun Activity Pack (pdf, 2MB) to dive also even more in to the mayhem of Robin’s people. Watch the story informing of Robing Hood and the Hunter to hear how Robin and also Little John came up against 2 of their many fearsome foes. Also review our write-up around the various types of bows that Robin and also his men may have offered.

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