nlinux.orgCare Pro™ detangle & cleans without detergent, sulfate or paraben giving you a healthy, well balanced scalp


Switching to nlinux.orgCare Pro™permits your hair to go back to its normal cycle of oil manufacturing.

This leading to less grease and also fewer wash days usage our treatment commodities to give your hair back the strengths it needs.

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Whether your hair is thick, straight, curly, or coloured, to nlinux.orgCare Pro™ has you covered! Search our reviews and also view what customers through your involves are saying.

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It all began once seeing and hearing around depressed adult women and little bit girls crying from their hair being matted to scalp, dreadlock, matted tangled filled through knots, and clumps of birds nest tangles had actually no solution.

They were judged negatively by friends and also household, while additionally being judged/ rejected by their own stylist and also hairdressers. It was then Kizaïa Products was developed via the goal of offering AMAZING gifts to all woguys through hassle of how to detangling their matted hair and prevent to reduced it.

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Here at nlinux.orgCare Pro™, we market you the great and innovative commodities on the market! nlinux.orgCare Pro™ has actually come to be a arising client focused brand also, with clients all around the people.

The nlinux.orgCare Pro™ team is a team of highly skilled technicians from diverse backgrounds who, just prefer you, enjoy putting smiles ago on your encounters. We"ve assembled a product that is constantly working to resolve all kind of matted tangled dreadlocked hair problems; also we have actually put together list of other favorites Product or device that you would require &appreciated .

Our goal is to administer the extremely finest products that progressed research and innovative thinking can market, and also constantly through an eye towards advancing hair innovation.

We regard hairstylists through the highest possible respect and constantly looks for effective remedies to their calls for aid via assistance from our technologically advanced research study centre