We"re dvery own to the final episode of "Survivor: Kaoh Rong" and also the last 4 contestants: Tai, Aubry, Michele and also Cydney. I don"t hate any type of of them, and you might make a situation for any of them deserving to win. My peak options would certainly be Cydney or Michele, so they"re probably doomed. We begin out tonight with a brief recap of the seakid — mainly people dropping prefer flies because of the too much conditions, and also every one of the crazy Tribal Council shenanigans. It"s early, early on morning on Day 36, and Mark the Chicken will not shut up. It"s exceptional that he hasn"t been consumed yet. Tai takes him down to the beach so the remainder can sleep, greatly bereason he knows they"ll blame him for anypoint Mark does. Tai is additionally worried around where they go from here — he trusts Aubry, but Cydney and also Michele are pretty tight, also, which makes it two versus two. Tai talks to Aubry around talking to Cydney around acquiring rid of Michele next, bereason Michele"sa danger. And, as Cydney talks to Michele, Cydney confesses that she just cares around making it to the final three in any kind of method possible, and she"ll number out the rest from there. Reward Challenge time! It"s an obstacle course that additionally entails a sort of shuffleboard, machetes and also a puzzle. It"s favor they felt the should use up all the prop pieces they had left over. Reward is a chance to refuel and also develop toughness with a yummy meal. Cydney and Michele get tangled up in a large net, but Cydney catches up a lot during the shuffleboard component of the obstacle. The machete part is a small harder — they have to balance the puzzle pieces they offered during the shuffleboard part on the level of the machete and bring them over balance beams without dropping it. Aubry is awesome at it and Cydney is not. Aubry is the first one through to the puzzle part — making pairs of pieces and the 3 that are left over are the numbers in the combination. Aubry is the initially to complete, but the lingering cam shot allows us understand that she messed up one of her pairs and is working with the wrong numbers. This offers everyone else a chance to capture up, however Aubry lastly numbers out she"s been working through the wrong numbers. They are all putting their combicountries in, and also Aubry is the initially to obtain them in the best order. She wins the reward. Aubry is offered the alternative to bring someone via her, but she does not have to. Jeff warns her she might be fueling her competition. Aubry chooses to bring Cydney. At the reward, Aubry and Cydney discuss their options and what the final difficulty could be. They seem pretty tight, and Cydney confesses that she basically just demands to decide whether they want to bring Tai or Michele to the final 3. And back at the beach, Michele is trying to convince Tai to work with her versus Cydney and Tai. He appears up for it, yet he"s inevitably going to carry out what puts him in the ideal place. And if that means betraying Aubry, that"s OKas well. He really does flip-flop a lot. Immunity Challenge time! First, they need to swim out to retrieve a crucial, then go ago and also unlock the stairs to get another crucial. Then they swim ago out, unlock a ball and a rope that allows down a ladder, then another crucial, earlier in the water. Finally, thye gain puzzle pieces and also need to build a three-storypuzzle. That sounds exhausting. They"re all pretty even in the start, via Aubry having a slight lead, however Cydney and also Michele are pretty cshed behind. Aubry releases the ladder with the round and rope pretty quickly, and also it allows her stretch her lead out a bit. Guess all that food really did help. But the puzzle is always the excellent equalizer. Tai is the first one to acquire to the second level of the puzzle, complied with by Michele. Then they relocate on to the 3rd level while Cydney and also Aubry are still on their initially. Michele finishes prior to Tai have the right to and she wins the last Immunity Challenge. That made me really happy, so I guess I"m rooting for Michele. Back at the beach, Michele is in a very various place than she was last week. Then, no one really cared what she did, yet currently everyone demands her vote. Aubry is scrambling, and she"s trying to acquire Tai to vote out Cydney. That"s a little little different than what they were talking around in the time of reward. Aubry is a tiny worried around trusting Tai, because he hasn"t been the most dependable, favor, ever, in this game. I think it"s time to remove Tai. Michele and also Cydney talk, and while they both love Aubry, the realize they shouldn"t lug her to the final 3. Tai is not the finest at explaining what he thinks, so they think he will not host up well in front of the jury. Tai asks Cydney and also Michele if they"re voting for him, and also Michele admits she"s voting for Aubry. Tai is surprised, but he"s willing to go through it. Aobtain, he does not want to betray her, yet he completely will. That"s been his whole game. Tribal Council time! Jeff starts out asking what it was favor earlier at camp after the obstacle. Tai flat out says that all alliances are out the home window and also I think Aubry have the right to sense the blindside coming. Cydney talks around just how you have to pick who you take with you to the last 3, and Aubry for certain knows she"s on the chopping block, however she"s not providing up yet. Voting time! We don"t check out any type of of the votes. First vote is for Aubry, second is for Cydney, third is for Aubry, fourth is for Cydney.

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Jeff asks if they have to bother revoting, because it would only be Tai and Michele voting. They both stick with their votes, so we"re going to be making fire! (Well, Aubry and also Cydney are.)