The first evaluation on Super Snack Time Pizza in a Bag will focus on a 2 ounce/57 gram bag of their pepperoni flavored jerky. This bag was purchased at a Walmart store situated in Niagara Falls, New York.

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This Super Snack Time jerky brand name is spread by Brandable, located in Beverly Hills, California. Super Snack Time specializes in making crazy foods items, and posting digital videos about them. The company was founded by Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time. They currently sell assets such as pepperoni jerky, supreme pizza jerky, uncured bacon jerky, and taco in a bag.

Ingredient Review

Ingredients: Pepperoni (Pork, Salt, Contains 2% Or Less Of Beef, Dextclimbed, Flavorings, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrite, Spices, Vitamin C , BHA, BHT, Citric Acid), Tomato Sauce (Fresh Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavors, Spices and Citric Acid), Brvery own Sugar, Honey, Water, Ostays, Bell Peppers, Parmesan Cheese (Parmesan Cheese , Salt, Citric Acid), Lemon Juice (Water, Lemon Juice Concentprice, 1/10 Of 1% Sodium Benzoate>, Babsence Pepper), Garlic, Mushrooms, Sea Salt, Onion, Oregano, Basil, Red Pepper Flakes, Cayenne, Parsley, Ground Pepper, Thyme, Rosemary.Allergen Warnings: Soy, Wheat

The beef and pork supplied is not guaranteed to be free of growth hormones or extra antibiotics. Also, the beef is not guaranteed to have actually at least partial complimentary selection accessibility to graze on grass. As a result, the greatest ingredient rating that can be awarded is a Good (8/10) rating.

The texture of this jerky is chopped and also formed, or somepoint similar. As an outcome, without having actually a natural whole muscle sliced spilgrimage of jerky, two ingredient ratings are deducted.

The liquid marinade supplied right here is an excellent brand of tomato sauce, a decent brand of soy sauce, water, an average brand also of Worcestershire sauce, healthy honey, and also a decent brand of lemon juice. It is disappointing to view that the Worcestershire sauce offers the very processed sweetener high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to shed a rating.

There are multiple healthy ingredients added such as oresides, bell peppers, garlic, spices, mushrooms, onion, oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, parsley, black pepper, thyme, and rosemary.

The sugar level is respectable at 2 grams of sugar per 28 grams of jerky. The salt level is high at 440mg of salt per 28 grams of jerky. However before, the salt levels are ignored bereason minimally processed sea salt is supplied below.

This jerky does not qualify to have no sodium nitrite included, as sodium nitrite is added to the pepperoni. Commendably, this jerky does qualify to have actually no MSG added.

Mean (5/10) – Ingredient Rating

Taste Review

These basically unicreate sized strips are round, and are sliced thin. The texture is chopped and created, or somepoint similar, wbelow tbelow is no natural tear to these jerky strips. Chewing these strips needs a normal amount of initiative. Handling these strips leave a slight oily residue on your fingers. The aroma of these strips is an overpowering pungent odor.

The first tastes detected are an unbelievably strong blfinish of flavors. Tright here is some resemblance to the taste of pizza, however only to a details level. It’s as if the goal wregarding make this flavor as bold tasting as possible, and they went overboard. Way overboard.

There is some taste of pepperoni, but more of a processed taste of pepperoni. The chili pepper flakes include a nice little of spiciness.

Here is what Paul had to say about this flavor: “The first flavors I detect are intense salt, virtually too much, even for me, and also I love my salt. I also detect pepper, garlic, onion along with what I think to be vinegar, possibly soy. I believe I also detect a slight paprika flavor. While I perform detect a pepperoni pizza flavor, the salt is just too intense. The flavor likewise tastes fairly processed. Sorry men, this flavor tastes favor somepoint Jack Links would cook up Far as well processed, simply not stirring my loins. At finest, a 6/10.”

Between the five world that sampled this jerky, only Stephane can finish off this bag. I struggbrought about also end up a solitary sexpedition. All of our taste ratings ranged from a 7 to a 3. We will simply take it down the middle below, and award an Average (5/10) taste rating.

This 2 ounce/57 gram bag expense $4.99. That functions out to $2.50 an ounce, which prices as an average price.

Typical (5/10) – Taste Rating

Bag Review

This resealable plastic bag has every little thing imprinted on the bag itself, both on the front and back.

Some slogans printed on this bag are “Pizza In A Bag”, “Food Is Always Epic” “Hi Tbelow, This Is Epic Meal Time Speaking”, and also “You’re Welcome. – Epic Meal Time”. Some facts printed on this bag are “Supreme Pizza Style”, “Natural Smoke Flavor Added”, Made In The USA”, and also “Supreme Pizza Layout Pepperoni Jerky”.

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All bag categories are covered through this bag. A excellent blurb is published on the ago about this flavor. To the crmodify of Super Snack Time, a phone number is provided for customer inquiries.