A sufsolve is a details team of letters at the finish of a word. It often indicates component of the definition of the totality word.

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Example: “less” = without

If you understand the a lot of prevalent suffixes, it will certainly assist to deduce the meaning of new words.


I had actually a sleepmuch less night at the hotel.

You currently recognize the word “sleep” and currently you recognize that the sufdeal with “less” implies “without”. As such you have the right to deduce that the sentence means: “I had a night without sleep.”

Use a good dictionary to check the interpretation of all new words.

Tbelow are 2 primary kinds of sufsettle in English:

1) Inflectional suffixes2) Derivational suffixes

Inflectional suffixes

Inflectional suffixes are grammatical suffixes. The basic meaning of the word does not change.

Here are some examples:


The sufsolve “ed” suggests the previous straightforward tense of a consistent verb and also periodically the previous participle.

Example:walk -> walkedThey walked on the beach.


The sufdeal with “s” transdevelops a singular noun right into a plural noun.

cat -> cats


The suffix “en” represents the past participle of particular irconstant verbs.

Example:eat -> eatenHe has eaten his meal.


The sufsolve “ing” on a verb is its continous create or its gerund.

Example:cook -> cookingMark is food preparation dinner.


The sufdeal with “er” on the end of an adjective transforms the adjective right into a comparative.

Example:huge -> biggerThis structure is bigger.


The sufsolve “est” on the end of an adjective transdevelops the adjective right into a superlative.

Example:significant -> biggestThis building is the best.

Derivational suffixes

Derivational suffixes transdevelop a word from one type of word to an additional. The fundamental definition of the word alters.

verb -> nounnoun -> adjectivenoun -> verbadjective -> adverbadjective -> nounadjective -> verb

As an example, the sufsettle “able” transforms the noun “comfort” right into the adjective “comfortable“.

Here are the the majority of prevalent derivational suffixes:

“able” and “ible”

The suffixes “able” and “ible” recurrent an adjective.The meaning is “deserve to be done” or “qualified of”

Examples:comfortable (adjective) = capable of comfortingThe couch is exceptionally comfortable.

portable (adjective) = can be carried or moved.This is a portable radio.

Other examples: presentable, taxable, edible

“er”, “ier” and also “or”

The suffixes “er”, “ier” and “or” recurrent a noun.

The meaning is “a perchild that does something”

Examples:driver (noun) = perboy that drivesMark is a taxi driver.

golfer (noun) = person that plays golfDavid is an extremely great golfer.

Other examples: writer, swimmer, director, Londoner


The sufresolve “ess” represents a noun.The interpretation is “female”.

Examples:lioness (noun) = a female lion.Here is a lioness.

actress (noun) = a female actor.Emma Watson is a British actress.

Other examples: goddess, princess, heiress


The sufsolve “ful” represents an adjective.The meaning is “full of something”

Examples:calm (adjective) = complete of tranquility and quiet.This see is extremely relaxed.

cheerful (adjective) = happy (full of cheer)David is exceptionally cheerful today.

Other examples: thankful, beneficial, helpful


The sufresolve “ly” represents an adverb of manner.The definition is “in the manner of” or “in the way of”


slowly (adverb) = to execute something in a slow-moving way.The cars are relocating exceptionally slowly.

conveniently (adverb) = to carry out somepoint in a quick wayThe dog is running exceptionally quickly.

Other examples: badly, loudly, quietly


The sufresolve “less” represents an adjective.The meaning is “without”.

Examples:endless (adjective) = without an endThe road seems endmuch less.

homeless (adjective) = without a homeThe lady is homemuch less.

Other examples: hopeless, fearless, useless

“ous”, “ious” and also “eous”

The suffixes “ous”, “ious” and also “eous” reexisting an adjective.The interpretation is “having actually the top quality of”

Examples:famed (adjective) = having fameMark is a renowned guitarist.

nutritious (adjective) = having nutritionSalad is an extremely nutritious meal.

Other examples: nervous, mindful, curvaceous


The suffix “ness” represents a noun.The meaning is a state, condition or top quality.

Examples:fitness (noun) = the problem of being fit (solid and also healthy)

She is trying to enhance her fitness.

shyness (noun) = the problem of being shy.Her shyness is a problem once trying to make friends.

Other examples: kindness, happiness, freshness, weakness


The sufsolve “ism” represents a noun.The interpretation is a approach, activity or idea.

Examples:capitalism (noun) = an financial approach.Capitalism is the financial system in many type of nations.

impressionism (noun) = a style of paint.Impressionism started in France in the 19th century.

Other examples: racism, socialism, favouritism, sexism


The sufsolve “ist” represents a noun.The meaning is a perboy that does something or believes in something.

Examples:artist (noun) = perboy who draws or paints.Clare is discovering to be an artist.

pianist = person that plays the pianoJohn is an extremely excellent pianist.

Other examples: dentist, pharmacist, guitarist, socialist

“ise” and “ize”

The suffixes “ise” and also “ize” recurrent a verb.“ise” is British English and it indicates to make, to render or to carry out.“ize” is Amerideserve to English and it additionally suggests to make, to render or to perform.

Examples:to prioritise (verb – British English)to prioritize (verb – American English)Both words intend the very same – to decide what is the a lot of necessary / to define the priorities.We don’t have much time. Let’s prioritise the work.

to legalise (verb – British English)to legalize (verb – Amerihave the right to English)Both words intend the very same – to allow somepoint by law / to make something legal.The state of Coloraexecute in the USA has actually legalised cannabis.

Other examples: realise / realize, civilise / civilize, authoincrease / authorize


The sufdeal with “ician” represents a noun.The definition is a perchild through an occupation in something.

Examples:musician (noun) = person that plays musicJohn is a musician.

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electrician (noun) = person that has actually an occupation in the area of electricityI require assist from an electrician.

Other examples: beautician, technician, politician

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