Colored hair has actually never disrupted my ability to perform my highly-visible, public project, either.

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Almost eexceptionally develop of dress code you can think of is around asymetrical respect – the less effective perkid is compelled to comply with power’s requirements of hair/clothing/expression.

— Heidi from LaunchDarkly (
wiredferret) January 15, 2019

I look like this:


Unmuch less I’m around to provide a talk or simply provided one, in which instance I look even more favor this:

As you deserve to view from the tweet above, the majority of human being agree with me that dress codes are commonly to remind human being they don’t have power, or they have actually much less power. The pushback versus sexist school dress codes is an facet of that — possibly we shouldn’t police girls because of what they wear, maybe we must teach boys that they need to keep their assumptions about what they’re entitled to to themselves. Similarly, a great thing around functioning in tech, specifically in startups, is that they hardly ever have incredibly rigid codes. That is component of why there’s a statistical lump of genderqueer-presenting civilization in tech, because there’s not really a factor to haul someone in front of HR for dress code violations… if there is a dress code. Or HR.

Some dress codes are handy. Cover your hair and also beard via a net if you job-related with food. Don’t wear loose clothes about rotating machinery.

Some are arbitrary. I don’t think leggings are pants, however I am An Old, and will certainly own that. The shade of your hair does not impede your capacity to execute emergency deplaning procedures*. Your facial piercings don’t actually make you a worse childtreatment provider.

But the hard ones, the intractable dress codes, are the ones about professionalism. You know womales who dye their hair so they don’t look “unprofessionally old”. You know world who are discriminated versus in some way because they’re fat. You understand people that battle to pay for the garments that are part of their occupational uniform, but because they’re sales professionals, their “occupational uniform” is Brooks Brothers.

I’m having a conversation at work-related ideal now around garments, bereason they matter. I don’t think it’s ok to impose arbitrary rules on people who don’t check out customers, however I carry out think that professionalism in any type of office suggests that you don’t smell negative, I can’t check out any type of of your swimsuit components, and none of your apparel constitutes a danger to various other humans. I do think it’s ok, and also also crucial, to dress in a method that provides other world take you seriously if you’re talking to customers.

For instance, my company is based in Oakland also. This is prefer being based in San Francisco, but via fewer microclimates. Rolling up to job-related in a firm hoodie, jeans, a t-shirt from your last agency, and a pair of Tevas is A-OK. But the additionally eastern you go, the more formal everyone’s service wear gets. Jeans turn into chinos somewhere around the Mississippi, and then into actualfacts slacks. T-shirts end up being button-dvery own plassist, and then long-sleeve via ties. Hoodies to sweaters to blazers. And I’m using dude-presenting garments as an instance, because they are so much less complicated than women’s clothing. And then, and then, you jump the pond. I proved up for an onsite in France, and also pretty much eexceptionally single male developer – the developers, was wearing an ironed shirt and also a fine-gauge wool or cashmere long-sleeve sweater.

Since I travel so much, I see this over and also over aget, and also I’m uniquely sensitized to it. Also, it’s a class thing. Never let anyone tell you America doesn’t have class concerns. We do, we just controlled to get really poor at talking about them or naming them. So, for circumstances, someone increased upper-middle class on the east coastline will certainly never think around the truth that they pack button-down shirts for a pilgrimage to New York, bereason that’s their native language. They learned to tie a necktie in junior high.

Someone that wasn’t increased that means is likely to fill the same point they wear to a conference on the west coastline, and that will become the wrong formality register. And the thing is, people won’t say anypoint about the reality that to them, you look favor a scruffy nerfherder who couldn’t Enterprise your means out of a file bag. They may not even realize they’re thinking that. But they will feel, subtly, that your company may not be Ready For The Big Leagues.

So what can we execute around this? Well, I’m pushing for all employees who execute customer-encountering work-related to have actually a pair different branded choices, like a sweater. That will make me feel happier as soon as I go earlier to Europe and also have the right to leave my hoodie in my take a trip bag.

Dressing for Conferences

For you? If you’re going to a conference, find a crowd shot of the human being at that conference last year, and also dress to fit that. There’s a wrinkle to that, because eexceptionally conference/programming language has actually its own specific flavor, yet you’ll obtain pretty cshed. For example, here are crowd shots from O’Reilly Software Architecture and also O’Reilly Velocity. Both were in New York City. If you look closely, you’ll watch that the people at Velocity are dressed dvery own a little more, bereason it’s even more for the DevOps people, and Software Architecture is more for their bosses. It’s a subtle distinction, but it exists.

For comparison, right here are photos from the London version and the San Jose version

And for even even more intricacy, femme woguys will typically, however not always, dress one level more formally than the male and butch-identifying people at a conference. So you end up through speaker pictures choose this:

They all look appropriate for the stage, yet the womales have their phones offphase somewright here (Unmuch less Ines’ dress is more magical than I think), and also he has actually his in his front pocket. I have actually a whole point around gendered dressing, which I won’t go into, bereason this article is long enough, but you need to be aware of it when you’re deciding what to wear.

I’m not picking on O’Reilly, they simply store all their pictures in an easy-to-uncover place.

In conclusion

If someone tells you that your hair, your body, or your style is a difficulty for them, that’s on them. If they say it’s a problem for the company you work-related for, attempt to figure out if it’s a health and wellness and also security problem, a customer-facing issue, or a power play.

Personally, I determined a while ago that if someone didn’t desire to hire me bereason of my pink hair, they additionally would not choose my swearing, my public queerness, or my twitter feed, and we would all be happier if I didn’t work-related tright here. But that’s a place of substantial privilege, and also I know it.

If you feel choose you must say something to a co-worker about their clothing, style, or god forbid, hair, prior to you open your mouth, ask yourself if this is about your discomfort or an actual business problem. **

* At this allude in society, airline cabin crew are recorded in a damaging interarea of class-policing and trying to have authority in the minute they need it over panicking people, and also it’s complex, however a vast variety of cabin crew have actually admired my hair and sighed wisttotally over being able to choose a “non-herbal color”.

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** If you are mentoring someone entering the market, you get a small more leeway to suggest out the norms of the certain office you’re in, IF you’re their mentor. Someone hregarding tell the interns that Teva sandals might be ok, but not if they’re stinky.