Strike While the Iron is Hot Meaning

Definition: To take activity once there is a good opportunity or favorable situations.

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Origin of Strike While the Iron is Hot

This expression describes blacksmithing. A blacksmith need to hit the iron (or various other metal) when it is hot in order to form it.

This idiom has existed in English considering that at leastern the 1500s. We find early on examples in Chaucer, John Lyly, and many kind of early English authors. The expression itself dates earlier to prehistoric times.

Examples of Strike While the Iron is Hot

Here is an instance of 2 family members making use of the expression while at house.

Grandmother: Wake up!

Granddaughter: What’s wrong?

Grandmother: Let’s go fishing!

Granddaughter: Are you serious? It’s 4 o’clock in the morning!

Grandmother: I understand. That’s the ideal time to go fishing. I was just out on the lake, and also I currently recorded a gigantic fish! Come on. We’ve gained to strike while the iron is warm.

Granddaughter: What execute you mean?

Grandmother: I suppose the conditions are perfect for fishing best now, so we have to take benefit of the situation!

Granddaughter: Fine. Okay, I’ll acquire prepared.

The second dialogue shows a daughter explaining her great luck at school.

Father: Hello! How was your day at college today?

Daughter: It was great! One of the students on the debate team gained really sick and had to go to the hospital.

Father: That doesn’t sound good! That sounds awful!

Daughter: Well, it was awful for him, however great for me! Without him on the team, I had the ability to volunteer to take his place! I had to strike while the iron was hot. If I want to gain into among the finest colleges, I must have actually even more extracurricular activities.

More Examples

This excerpt provides the expression to talk around political candidates.

This excerpt is around an Olympic athlete acquiring good publicity throughout the many lucrative time.

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The phrase strike while the iron is warm implies to take benefit of an chance as soon as it appears.


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