One Direction traveled back in time to their childhoods in their "Story of My Life" video. The visual gave the men the chance to re-create some of their real-life childhood photos as adults, through their families joining them for the endure.

You are watching: Story of my life behind the scene News spoke to the video"s director, Ben Winston (that directed 1D"s VMA-winning "Best Tune Ever" video), that damaged down some of the video"s key scenes, frame by framework.

The clip was swarm a number of months back in London in an underground theater exceptionally few world recognize about. "Absolutely every little thing you watch in the video is real; there was no green screening at all," Winston said. "All that massive, wide location was true. Eexceptionally single photo in the earlier of those shots is genuine, legitimate, of the boys as soon as they were younger. If you want to zoom into any single photo, you"ll be able to uncover a frozen moment in time of the story of their lives."

From tbelow, it was all around picking the appropriate photos to incorporate in the clip, and also making certain that eextremely information was simply ideal.

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"Zayn "s photo is a very beautiful one. It"s him and his sister and they have actually a really close connection. So as soon as I was thinking around Zayn, I really wanted a photo of him and his sibling because he has 3 sisters and also they all really look up to him and admire him and also he really looks after them," he shelp. "That one, I thought, was very sweet."

Like Zayn"s snapswarm, Winston likewise wanted to pay homage to Niall Horan"s partnership to among his siblings. "Niall is extremely cshed to his brother, Greg," he said. "They"re always laughing and also playing together and also once I saw that photo of the 2 of them playing violin and guitar as kids, I really loved it, "cause also if you spfinish time through them this day, they"re just as close."

But it wasn"t simply around siblings for Winston. "For some of the photos, I wanted parental fees," he sassist. "I"m Liam photo, they"re all ready to go out on a night out, all very smart, exceptionally proudly dressed. So I thought that was a really good, solid, striking image."

"Harry has actually a hugely cshed relationship with his mommy and also she"s a huge his life," Winston included. "And it was necessary for me to try and also find a photo of those 2 together because I think that"s a connection that"s extremely lovely."

While many kind of of the photos are celebratory, Winston detailed that Louis Tomlinson"s photo of his grandparents and also good grandparents has actually a somber tone for a factor.

"I assumed it was a gorgeous photo and also then I phoned Louis" mother... and also she said "Well, it will be challenging bereason his great grandma and also his excellent grandpa, who are in that photo, unfortunately are no longer alive." It offered me the principle that actually that is component of life," he said. "That"s component of the circle of life. sweet, moving moment."

So, was it weird for the men to film on sets that were perfect replicas of the places in the pictures?

"I think, for a lot of them, it was scary seeing a room that we had actually built that looked like their old residences," he shelp. "I think, for them, it was a little little freaky."