“Wig In A Box” is one of the signature numbers from the rock opera and film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a love letter to big hair and the confidence it can offer you.In the… Read More 

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On nights like thisWhen the world's a little amissAnd the lights go downAcross the trailer parkI acquire downI feel hadI feel on the verge of going madAnd then it's time to punch the clockI put on some make-upAnd turn up the tape deckAnd pull the wig down on my headSuddenly I'm Miss MidwestMidnight Checkout QueenUntil I head homeAnd put myself to bedI look back on wbelow I'm fromLook at the woman I've becomeAnd the strangest thingsSeem all of a sudden routineI look up from my vermouth on the rocksA gift-wrapped wig still in the boxOf towering velveteenI put on some make-upAnd some LaVern BakerAnd pull the wig down from the shelfSuddenly I'm Miss Beehive 1963Until I wake upAnd revolve ago to myself
Some girls they have natural easeThey wear it any type of method they pleaseWith their French flip curlsAnd perfumed magazinesWear it upLet it downThis is the finest method that I've foundTo be the best you've ever before seenI put on some make-upAnd revolve up the eight-trackI'm pulling the wig down from the shelfSuddenly I'm Miss Farrah FawcettFrom TVUntil I wake upAnd rotate back to myselfShag, bi-level, bobDorothy Hamill doSaconsumption curls, chicken wingsIt's all bereason of youWith your blow dried, feather backToni residence wave, tooFlip, fro, frizz, flopIt's all bereason of youIt's all bereason of youIt's all bereason of you
I put on some make-upTurn up the eight-trackI'm pulling the wig dvery own from the shelfSuddenly I'm this punk rock starOf stage and also screenAnd I ain't neverI'm never turning back
“Wig In A Box” is one of the signature numbers from the rock opera and film Hedwig and also the Angry Inch, a love letter to massive hair and also the confidence it deserve to give you.

In the film, Hedwig has actually fallen on a little bit of poor luck: after undergoing a botched sex reassignment surgical procedure to obtain right into America, her lover leaves her, and she then witnesses the fevery one of the Berlin Wall on T.V., definition that all her troubles were for naught. Long story short, with the confidence offered her by her wardrobe, she maneras to obtain up the stamina to create her band and start her rock career.


Pirate in a Box (Hedwig and also the Angry Inch parody) by Lemon Demon & Wig in a Box / Wicked Little Town by Alan Cumming

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